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• a dork on two wheels

This isn't me, but you get the idea. You just wanna help her, don't ya?

I have Bike Dork Syndrome. I don’t know why really, but I just can’t seem to feel comfortable in bikeland. I suppose I don’t ride enough and usually save my semi-serious efforts for when I’m injured and have to cross-train, like the last two weeks. In case you’re not sure if you’re a dork on a bike, check out my list of blunders. If you can claim more than 3 of these as situations you find yourself in, you too might be suffering from BDS.

  • You notice people look sorry for you, then you realize it’s cuz you’re wearing your helmet really crooked.  That’s me.
  • You wheel your bike out of the garage and give yourself a big, bloody scrape from the pedal. That’s me.
  • You squeeze and squeeze your bike tires before you hop on cuz you think they need air, over-inflate them, then almost kill yourself trying to check them mid-ride. That’s me.
  • You’re cranking a hard workout while your shopping basket is clanking away on your handlebars. That’s me.
  • You take at least 5 minutes locking up your bike because half the time you just lock it to itself and not the rack. That’s me.
  • You adjust your seat a little lower to better reach the curb in hopes of avoiding the hop-stop-hop-stop dance into traffic while pushing the walk signal. That’s me.
  • You shift in the wrong direction and make it much harder to go up hills, but pretend you wanted it to be impossible and convince yourself it’s a better workout that way. That’s me.

This last two weeks of biking, hiking, yoga and core work has really motivated me to do two things…

  1. Learn how to be frickin comfortable on a bike, or at least look like it. I should take lessons from my kids. They are naturals at everything. Or maybe I just need a Hello Kitty bike bell. hmmm.
  2. Cross-train more. Everyone who is anyone in the runner-sphere knows it’s a good idea, but this runner momma, short on time, keeps slipping into her comfort zone of running and running and running. Which is probably why I got injured in the first place.

You only get that dorky newbie feeling when you’re new at something. Getting more comfortable with it will make it more enjoyable. I know this because I have talked to many people who have tried running and say they don’t like it. They then tell me all the newbie uncomfortable stuff about it that makes them feel dorky and hate it. Are you good on a bike? Let’s grab coffee and help each other out!

Keeping my pledge to do more cross-training will be hard. What do you do to make sure you’re fit all over? And how do you squeeze cross-training into a crazy schedule?

2 thoughts on “• a dork on two wheels

  1. This is me! I have done all of these things, except I don’t wear my helmet crooked. I wear it backwards and don’t even know it. My husband and kids are natural bike riders. It hurts my tush, and when a girl’s tush hurts, well nothing goes well. The real tragedy? I have a Nishiki, a pretty pricey bike. I’ll be watching you. If you get over bike dorkdom, I’ll try to do the same.

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