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• a runner’s body: pass the gravy AND the bodyglide

Working hard on my runner bod is more fun when I do it with friends!

I don’t mean to put a damper on the holidays, but really, this time of year can be an emotional one in regards to eating and body image, especially for women. Online articles and social media is chock full of how to “get through it” without gaining weight, how to deprive yourself and trick yourself just enough so you won’t feel horribly guilty about what you’re eating and how to fit into that cute red dress on New Years. At the same time, we’re being overwhelmed by sugary recipes. Yikes!

In my last blog post, I talked about how to CELEBRATE fitness and use the momentum you have with your running and workouts to stay focused on feeling healthy. Learning to “treat” yourself with healthy activities and good food is a shift in perspective for most of us, me included. I grew up being told that a treat was getting a Twinkie or staying up later to watch more TV…or both! I’m not sure when I was hit over the head with the fact that I wanted to the opposite lifestyle, but I’m glad that happened.

Don’t get me wrong, I struggle EVERY DAY with food choices; wanting a cheese fix instead of veggies, or skipping  a meal because I’m just too busy. But I love running and a runner’s body needs more than cheese. I’m a foodie and love to make up recipes for runners that feed the family and fuel the fun!

So, this holiday season, I’m going to focus on having a great runner’s body! Not the super-skinny-elite kind, of course, that’s not me, but the one that’s happiest being out there with the wind in her hair and the mud in her socks…

Here’s some of my awesome runner body qualities:

1. I have less-than attractive feet. Toenails are cut short so as not to interfere with the shoes. Nail polish usually worn off. Sometimes the toenails get worn off. Sometimes I get blisters. Sometimes I get blisters under my calluses. Lovely.

2. I have chaffing marks. On a recent doctor visit, I got quite a few frowns about one at the bra line, followed by a diatribe on how to treat it. Yes, it’s self-inflicted. I’m ok with that.  Pass the BodyGlide, thank you very much.

3. My quads make my pants fit weird. I like it that you can see my biggy quads under my jeans when my mileage gets up there. That’s sexy in some cultures, right?

4. The muddier and the bloodier runs are usually the most fun.

5. I don’t smell nice all the time and neither do my clothes. Sure sign of a kick-butt workout. I’ll take it.

6. I usually gain a pound or two during marathon training. That happens to most of us and I look forward to running it off post-thon, on shorter, faster runs.

7. As my runner friends will attest to, I’m a spitter and snot-rocket extraordinaire. These are needed skills on chilly long runs.

8. I have hat hair, headband hair and sometimes salty-face build up in the mornings.

9. No, I didn’t run into a door and I’m not a cyclops, I was wearing a headlamp for 2 hours this morning.

10. I can look in the mirror and say to myself that I feel pretty damned good for my 46 years and am so happy that I am in better shape than I was when I was 25.

And I am in great company!!

You can have your red dress. I’ll take my runner’s body any day of the year! Happy Holidays to all my runner momma friends!!

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