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• cleanse or candy corn?

it's not really candy or corn, just sugar (yum)

Ok, so I’ve started the Whole Living 28-day cleanse. There’s no calorie counting. You eat 5-6 small meals a day. The first week there is a long list of no-touch foods like sugar, alcohol (dam), gluten, eggs, dairy, peanut butter (double dam). I know, I know, I never do this kind of thing. I’m stubborn, strong-headed and don’t like anyone telling me what to do, especially what to eat. Chalk it up to 8 years of time in service with the Air Force. (ie – If you were going to take a purse to work for ‘da man’ it had to be the issued hideous big black box with wide strap. Ah, but they didn’t have rules about lunchboxes, so I picked the loudest, bright red Garfield-the-cat box to tote my snacks in. You get the idea.)

On the other hand, I love organization and structure. I have the largest whiteboard they make hanging in my kitchen. So, away we go.

DAY 1:

  • I’m jazzed
  • I’m ready
  • I’m hungry
  • I eat the entire black bean millet ginger recipe because it’s so fantastic!
  • I drink tea all day (no biggy, I’m already a caffeine-free gal)
  • I have an extra poop. Sorry, overshare, but hey, this is a cleanse, right? Good stuff.
  • I survive dinner which is normally my time to really eat.
  • I don’t survive the sweet craving at 9:00. I cave and have 5 candy corn. Sh*&! Oh well, if you cheat, make it worth it, eh? (And a shout-out to Market of Choice for stocking candy corn year-round)

DAY 2: (Today)

  • Jazzed again
  • Got up early to cruise recipes online
  • Made the spinach-banana-parsley-apple-water smoothie and pretended it was good (add a few strawberries and it was good, actually)
  • Went to the store and stocked up on a few more ‘clean’ condiments like lemon, lime, almond butter, basil
  • Excited to find green tea in decaf
  • Going to do back-strengthening yoga when kids go to bed tonight.

Ok, so you’re saying, “whatever, who does this”? I know, me too. I’m waiting for the “WTH was I thinking moment” that I’m sure will come. (Like when the kids are screaming while I’m trying to make dinner and a glass of red wine sounds soooo good) For now, I’m jazzed (and I have a couple more candy corn for an emergency)

Ever do a cleanse? What kind? How did it go?




5 thoughts on “• cleanse or candy corn?

  1. Ahh cleansing….the whole being told what I can and can’t do is definitely a big challenge for me! LOL! I have done the Ultra Simple Diet a 7-day cleanse twice. I must admit that each time I have felt great when it was done – slept better, more energy and some lost pounds and inches!

    You’re brave to go 28 days! Good luck!!

  2. I’m glad it’s going well for you 🙂 I’m doing a fast this week that involves eating only foods from seed. I didn’t wean myself off caffeine enough and have had terrible headaches! That’s my achilles. It’s amazing though how not hungry I feel most of the time b/c I’m eating such good foods. My silly cravings (usually sugar, bread etc) aren’t satisfied, but I’m not hungry at all. I hope you can keep up with it!

  3. I loved this post and how REAL you are in the writing. We are trying to eat meat no more than 3 times a week total at our house (including all meals). Maybe one day we will be meat free – I don’t know. Yesterday I ate over 40 grams of fiber and didn’t make the connection why my tummy felt like a hot air balloon all day.

  4. Way to go L! Candy corn? I never knew. I’ve abstained from alcohol, sugar, wheat, dairy, processed foods, etc. but have never been able to ditch the coffee. Those lack o joe headaches are brutal! Good luck! You can do it!

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