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• click and clack and the girls

In case you want to know what the rapture looks like. Here it is. Or maybe it's just some crazy trail runners on a post-mud high.

Today’s running day started out like many others…I wake up waaay before the alarm, take care of bidness and lay there not being able to get back to sleep. I cruise around on Facebook, checking out any posts made after 10:00 last night, catch up on Tweets, listen to the rain, check the weather app and wrap my heating pad around my calves to get them warmed up and ready to go.

I was feeling pretty normal, even though the world was supposed to end. Or maybe I was the only one left behind in the rapture? Hmmm, let’s see who’s available to chat in FB…oh good, Tanya is still on the planet. I “chat her up” just to make sure. Whew, I’m in good company.

An hour later I’m in REALLY good company when Leah, Chelsea and Tanya show up to my house ready to car pool to North Shore for our 8 mile trail run. (See Leah’s fabulous trail review for info on North Shore!)

We had it all going on…

– Lots water with Leah’s Nathan pack as back up

– Lots of Gu including chocolate espresso for Tanya

– Lots of coffee

– Random snacks

– A juicy story ready to be told

– A perfect  51 degree day

– Love and laughter

– A perfectly timed run planned so that when we get back in the car, Click & Clack will be playing for the ride home.

– And Chelsea had new shoes to baptize!

Chelsea's new shoes. Ooo, purdy. Well, for a little while anyway

In our FB correspondence during the week before the run had all of us daydreaming about the times, mostly before kids, when we had the luxury of listening to Car Talk with Click & Clack. Chelsea said she always listened to Car Talk and always will,  Leah would listen while cleaning house, Tanya would time her road trips to include the show, I would listen to it on the way to the very trail we ran on today, back when it was just my hubs and the doggies.

The Beasts

We parked at the Lookout Dam, jump started our Garmins, used the “facilities”, watered up and made last-minute gear and attire decisions all the while being severely harassed by an apolusa labrador and an uber-fluffy little ankle biter dog. “Hey dude in your car, control your dogs!” We were more amazed at the owner’s lack of parking lot dog ettiquette than the dogs tenacity to hang out and bark at us despite our shooing. Fortunately, they didn’t follow us and we headed out.

They aren't blurry in real life.

The Beauty

Running on the trail from the parking lot dead ended after about 1/4 mile. Huh, I had thought after so many years, they had fixed that, but no. So, we headed up to the road and ran a bit till the trail head sign and dove down into the beautiful, lush greenery. Last night’s rain didn’t impact the trail much. There were mud bogs and stream crossings in the usual places, but nothing extra, which made for lots of little rocky rollers. The breeze from the lake was just enough to keep us cool on the balmy morning and the bright blue wild iris were like little trail flags along our path.

The Blood

Tanya hadn’t been on the North Shore trail before, but was quickly initiated with a sizable blackberry scrape.  No worries, leg blood is sexy in trail running. Why do you think I wore a skirt? Maximum muddy-bloodiness potential! The scratches  lead to discussions about poison oak and did we all have Tecknu at home. I don’t, so I’m crossing my fingers instead.

Aaahhh, trail running in blackberries. Gotta love Oregon.

The Booty

No, not that booty…the loot, the food! Aside from the usual fair of Gu, water, and Chomps, I convinced all but Chelsea to sample the large clover patch on the way back to the trail head. It’s tangy and flavorful. I don’t think my friends were convinced, but I love it.

Fresh breathe is essential, even on the trail. I highly recommend the clover patch about a mile and a half from the trail head.

The Bunch

While we were planning a trail run out this way anyway, the MyRunninPeers group on FB was headed out there as well. They started a little later than we did, so it was fun running into a bunch of them on our way back. Jeff, our awesome RMR-dude-fan, took some photos of us, so I’ll post those too when I can (including the first one and this last one). Thanks, Jeff and good to meet you in person!

Back in the car, it was munchie time! Leah, my running partner and heroine, brought my favorite, Lay’s original potato chips. SALTY GOODNESS. Need I say more?

Oh, and it was exactly 10:00, time for Click and Clack.

It's good you can't smell photos. It would smell like trail running happiness though if you could!

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