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• “do good things for your dang self” fitness-free holiday challenge

I love a good fitness challenge as much as the next guy. But I’m way too busy for that during the holiday season. This time of year I’m feeling good if my kids walk out the door with lunches that don’t include more than 4 types of crackers (just kidding) and my runs leave me feeling like I’ve actually worked out (not kidding). So, I propose a challenge that has nothing to do with burning more calories than stuffing with gravy or how to de-tinsel your Christmas tree in 10 easy steps. Just do “good things for your dang self” in December. That’s it. Oh, and post what you do on our Facebook page. Besides feeling better,  a random person who posts over 10 “good things” from now until December 31st wins one of these. See details below.


Win an I Love to Run metal hanging, sweet necklace or runner gal hook

“Do good things for your dang self” Holiday Challenge Rules

They are very simple…

1. Do a “good thing” for yourself each day in December (see list below of ideas of things that count and things that don’t)

2. Tell us about it (on Facebook or the blog or send up a flare, whatever)

3. If your forget one day, pat yourself on the back for remembering the next day and count that as your “good thing”

Some Ideas of “Good Things” that Count (and ones that don’t)

These are just ideas. You know what’s good for you, so be creative.

1. Go to bed earlier (11:57 pm instead of midnight doesn’t count)

2. Get the Venti instead of the Grande (7 Venti Egg Nog lattes in one week doesn’t count)

3. Skip a chore (skipping a shower doesn’t count, see #4)

4. Take a longer shower (I know, this treads on my earth conservation nerve, but some days I don’t get one at all, so it evens out)

5. Say no to something that will stress you out if you said yes (not playing with your kid for an extra 5 minutes doesn’t count cuz you’ll feel even better if you do that for longer)

6. Ask ask ask. Ask someone for help… with anything. (“Will you wash my dog?” counts and a good friend will probably do it unless they are working on #5)

7. Care 20% less. When it doesn’t matter, seriously, give it up. (Not going on your run doesn’t count. See #10)

8. Get some touch time. A 5 minute face or shoulder rub from your partner delivers new perspective. If you need a paradigm shift, well, use your imagination. (Kids pulling, pushing or hanging on you while you’re on the phone doesn’t count)

9. Don’t. Be. Crazy. Just for a day, don’t be a crazy busy supermom, a crazy shopper, a crazy crafter, a crazy get-the-perfect-kids-with-Santa-photo-at-the-mall-mom. (Baking 9 dozen gingerbread cookies instead of 10 doesn’t count)

10. Run more. Ok, I know, this isn’t a fitness challenge. But you’re reading this because you’re a runner and you NEED to run to be sane, right? This is not the time to be shelving the natural high. (You could ask hubby to watch kids and be doing both #6 and #10 at the same time!)

The Fine Print

You’re not the boss of me, but you are the boss of you. So, do your “good things” and post them to our Facebook page. I’ll remind you often like a bad Jack Handey flashback.  A random person who has posted over 10 “good things” during December will win either an I Love to Run Metal art hanging, a Runner Momma Gear Hook or a Sweet Runner Gal Necklace. You pick! Ready? Go!

6 thoughts on “• “do good things for your dang self” fitness-free holiday challenge

  1. One good thing I did for myself today…went shopping for an outfit (FOR MYSELF) I never do that..only for the girls (my daugthers).

    this is going to be so much fun

  2. My morning wake up time is usually 5:30 or 6:00am (so I can get my workout or run in). Today I did something for myself and slept in until 7:00 am. That extra hour for me is a good thing. Workout done, kidos up and now on with my mom duties (hopefully get a run in the afternoon) Hour workout with Bob Harper..he rocks

  3. I am a clean the house freak. Good thing for me (which meant more–Good thing for my little one, grandbaby and husband–I took the day off cleaning and spent the day playing with them all. Wow my heart felt great–laughter of little ones is so heart warming.

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