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• fight like a girl: michelle’s update

It has been nearly 3 months since I arrived in Oregon and promptly turned my butt around and headed back to Arizona. My treatment for breast cancer is complete and I am happy to say, with favorable results. I cannot express to all of you what it meant to have your words of encouragement and loving thoughts sent my way. It makes me a little shy as I meet you now, shy in a good way, as you know about me and your care still comes forth. I look forward to getting to know you and thank you personally.

In many ways the experience of breast cancer was a blessing. Strange huh? I didn’t expect to feel that way. But I found myself admiring the women that came and went for their treatments. They didn’t look like they had cancer and they came in and out with a bounce in their step.  I decided early on that’s who I was going to be. It gave me strength and a bit of mischief, even a defiance in the game called cancer. When I had my treatments and we would pass each other in the hall, our pink smocks wrapped around us, there was so much said when our eyes met. It was deep and real and I felt like I belonged to a special sorority or club. The running world has a sister place to this too. Laura reminded me of it the other day when she talked about running 20 miles with a buddy, the looks exchanged between you, knowing you are doing something that not everyone “gets”, with wounds shared and victories celebrated. I am so lucky to be a woman.

And so, I leave breast cancer happily behind and start my life in Eugene. Laura and I have been working on RMR, marketing the clinic coming up in a couple weeks, mapping out the booth for the Olympic trials with graphics people and wiping snotty noses. The Run Momma Run household had it’s fair share of colds these last 10 days. With the whiteboard ready, keep checking in for updates, it will be action packed and full of fun as we move into the warmer part of the year.

Can’t wait to see you, till then, Fight Like a Girl!


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