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• get it together: Chubby Mommy Running Club social

Julie of Chubby Mommy Running Club sets a sweet social scene

Not like get IT together, as in be organized or timely or have all the kids’ lunches packed the night before. Pobodys nerfect. Get it together as in – get the VIBE together. Put the good energy in one place and what do you get? More good energy. Runner energy has this exponential effect. A bunch of runners in one rooms makes me giddy. I LOVE hearing about what other people are doing and, thanks to the gal with the movie-star smile Julie Anderson of Chubby Mommy Running Club, I got to hear some great stories about women getting back into running after a break, coming back after having kids, running their first 5k or, in the case of Kim, completing her goal of running 7 half marathons in one year. The woman was headed to Hawaii of all places THIS Sunday to do number 5. Rock it, woman!

Tasty treats for the meet and greet

We met at the Willamette Market of Choice to learn about each other, where we lived, our running goals and dreams in hopes of finding others to partner up with. We also got to enjoy some fantastic Coconut Bliss dished out by the super-cool Kiley. And the vegan cheesecake sampling was also a big hit (hellllloooooo lemon).

My super-star-come-to-every-RMR-group-run Tanya stopped by to talk about how great it is to hook up with people for running support and how my group has helped her. I didn’t pay  her to say it, I swear. How sweet and humbling for me. She’s so fun to run with, I’m the one who’s lucky.

Kim with her winnings!

Hey, and look who won my Runner Momma Pendant Necklace giveaway! Kim, MS. 7-Races gal! She’s done the Eugene Marathon 1/2, and, in addition to the one in Maui, will be at You Go Girl Half and will finish up with the Run to Stay Warm (great run, great shirt!). I hope to see her there and learn how her journey went.Winning stuff is a good omen. I think great things are comin’ her way.

Laurie chatting it up while cuddling her cutie babe

I also got to meet and chat with Laurie of the super funny and real, [Mis] Adventures of a Jogging Stroller Mom Lemme just say right now, you should follow her blog! If you need some inspiration to get your ass out the door, look no further. She’s got 4 kiddos under 6 and is one fast momma (yes, Laurie, I confess I looked up your Eugene Women’s Half time). She a self-proclaimed obsessed runner. Goodie – I’m not alone!

This was a fun event – can’t wait until we can get it together next month!

Do you get together regularly with your runner buddies outside of running dates?

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