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• i’m smoooooth!!

This is my usual poolside look. Smooth, but in a different way.

I went swimming!


I consider this a major undertaking. So much so, I think I need an award. I’ll take a extra piece of my favorite thing…stinky cheese, thank you very much.

My acceptance speech goes like this…

I’d like to thank my running partner, Leah, who has put up with my 1,293 previous excuses for NOT going swimming and for very graciously taking me to the pool yesterday and being brave enough to share her lane with the newbie.

I’d also like to thank Terry Laughlin for introducing me to the Total Immersion technique. I heard about this a few years ago, but didn’t “dive in”. (I think I was on excuse 832 that day.) Leah reminded me about this awesome swimming method, so I have started the book and watched the first video. I have a looooooong way to go, but the few tips I picked up so far really helped.

I’d also like to thank Tanya, Chelsea, Carrie and their swimming Facebook friends who make comments about all their training in the pool. Tanya recently found her inner corkscrew.  Evidently this was very exciting news. I have no clue what this means, but I was intrigued.

I’m also grateful for those early morning runs that, of late, have been monopolized by discussions of swimming technique and assorted lingo that go with it as my running buddies head into triathlon season… transitions, bricks, buoys, waves, sprints…ooh, I know sprints! No, not that kind, they say.

A big thanks also goes to my hubby. He LOVES being under water, especially in beautiful crystal-clean rivers. He’s a natural fish and I love watching him swim with our kiddos.

And finally, I’d like to thank my body, specifically my legs, who have been screaming at me in the last couple of weeks to cross-train. Too many 20 milers on the roads lately have left my hammy tight, my calf sore and my hip hollering.

As you may know, I’m a bike dork. The last thing I need is to become a pool dork too. Growing up without participating in sports except a few solo ones (ice skating, skiing), I am always nervous about started something new. Ok, more than nervous. Freaked out. Ok, more than freaked out. We’re talking major anxiety. I’ve been quoted in Marathon & Beyond by Joe Henderson as being so “nervous I could throw up” when I showed up to my first run with other people. (I had been running solo for years.)

I’m happy to report that on my first day of trying a few laps, my goggles only filled up with water 4 times and I only choked on water–followed by a major coughing fit–once. Ok, twice. The coach that works at the pool gave Leah some final tips as she heads into her tri in a few weeks, telling her that she has shaved gobs of time off her laps and that others at the pool have noticed what a good swimmer she is. Wow, cool! Then he looked at me sweetly and told me I’m a very smooth swimmer and understands I’m just trying to breathe right now. He had no tips for me. Obviously, he doesn’t work with beginners, but I took the word “smooth” to heart. I’m SMOOTH! I’ll take it.

So, I’m patting myself on the back via this post because it may seem like a little thing to jump in the pool and try a workout, but for me, it’s kinda big. And did I tell you I’m excited for my next smoooooth session? Wahoo!

4 thoughts on “• i’m smoooooth!!

  1. Adorable post my amazing running partner and smooth swimmer. You are well on your way! Super proud of you for conquering your fear and tackling something new and challenging. I think you’re going to LOVE swimming and be really good at it. I was SO happy to share the lane with you, and you know how much I like to have a lane ALL to myself. 😉 Looking forward to many more swims with you.

  2. Awesome! Smooth is great. Before long you’ll be going to the pool all by yourself just because you love it so much and then in the summer you can swim outdoors and find out how wonderful lap swim really can be! Way to go for conquering your fear. 🙂

  3. I liked reading your recap about swimming. It always feels strange to swim after being a runner. The cross-training challenge for me is riding my bike. I’m just not used to it, and often feel like I’m moving too quickly or I’m going to fall over.

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