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• it’s bidness time – but could you crack a smile?

Today’s run was just for me. I haven’t run in 3 days (slight knee tweak from trail run on Saturday) and I was starting to feel gross. You know that feeling? It’s like the cells in your body are caked with gunk and they’re just not awake like on the days when you run.  Plus I was getting PMSy and a scratchy throat and crabby and no one likes that. So, I had a little date with myself in the hopes of getting that lovely high. 13 miles and many-a-snot-rocket later, I was singing out loud to P!nk on the Nano, clipping along at an 8:20 for my last mile.  It was dreamy.

Except I think I was invisible.

No other runners said hello to me! (Well, the older ladies in their Ewok trench coats mumbled something, but I couldn’t quite tell with the hoods and all.) Everyone was all bidness-like; head down, pointless stare. Remember that article in Runner’s World about how runners greet or not greet each other? Seriously, HELLO people!

But the animals were friendly!

And they were so not afraid of me. Another reason I think I was invisible. At one point, I looked up to see two not-very-small deer running ON the trail straight for me. They must have felt my stealth body heat cuz they veered left at the last minute. I saw mister deer on my second loop and snapped his photo.

And then there were the turkeys. Super nice. What a lovely sound these ugly creatures make. I think I heard one of them say, “You’re such a kick ass runner and your double chin isn’t nearly as unattractive as mine.” How neighborly is that?

Ok, wait, I take it all back…I forgot about Ingrid.

Ingrid is the gal who sets out water jugs with clean cups every day for runners and their dogs and keeps it all in a nice cooler at the north end of the trail. (This is doubly nice right now as the water fountains are already turned off for the season). I had the rare opportunity of seeing her pop out of her house (about 20 feet from the cooler). Yay! A friendly face! I thanked her profusely since I was so thirsty running an impromptu half marathon on Rexius. I can’t tell if she heard me though. She was all bidness checking her paper tube for the newspaper.  Or maybe it was because I was invisible.

If you haven’t seen The Flight of the Conchords Business Time – treat yourself!

So, the obvious question – do ya greet runners on the trail?

5 thoughts on “• it’s bidness time – but could you crack a smile?

  1. Hey there, friend who lives thousands of miles from me 🙂

    This is a great post. I recall that RW article and I’m of the camp that greets fellow runners. Some runs it may only be a nod, because I am so in the zone (or huffing and puffing too hard to do much else that move my head slightly), while other times I’ll offer a friendly “Hi!” or “Good morning!” It just feels right to me to acknowledge those with whom I’m crossing paths — runners especially, but also walkers and bikers. I’ll always remember one runner who, coming toward me, had this huge smile on her face. She clearly was having a great run. This is the best part: just as we started to pass each other, she held out her hand high-five-like and said, “Way to go, you’re looking great!” I instinctively held out my hand to this complete stranger/runner friend and instantly felt motivated to stay strong as I continued my long run (I remember it was a 10+ miler and I was at the halfway point). How cool that she felt compelled to encourage me. It also felt a little like we were exchanging a secret handshake — the runner handshake. It was cool.

    Always fun reading your running adventures, Laura! And I really loved reading all about your trail marathon — WOW, woman. You are so amazing and inspiring! Loved the videos, too 🙂

  2. You get an unequivocal “Yes!” from me, Laura. Aren’t we all friends to the extent that we all share a running bond? When we smile or give the head nod, aren’t we, in a sense, saying, “I get you, you get me, isn’t it great to be out here? Aren’t we lucky?”

    I agree completely with Heather, too. Love the ‘secret handshake’ part. That is exactly what I feel. One of the many things that enhance the experience.

    Sometimes, when I’m running on the nearby neighborhood trail, I spend so much time making new friends that my run ends up taking much longer than it needs to, but if it’s an ‘easy day’ run, then I may chit chat with several people at each water kiosk along the way. On those days, the friends, new and old, are as important to me as the run. When I return home, I’ve gotten my physical exercise and my social exercise as well, both important to good health, I think.

  3. I definitely say hello and sometimes shout out a “looking good” or “great job.” GASP!

    Love your pics and the commentary. Great post.

    Winks & Smiles,

  4. Hi Heather – oh, I LOVE the high five. I have more than once felt like doing that, but have been too shy.

    You sure have stepped up your racing and running calendar. I love hearing your adventures as well. Makes me want to hop a plane and come run your trails!

  5. I love telling people they are doing good on the trail, glad I’m not alone, Loraine. Hard to put yourself out there sometimes though, if they don’t respond. I always feel really dorky if they don’t say anything. But, then I think, well, maybe they are feeling shy now, but won’t next time they pass someone.

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