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• michelle hart joins rmr as events vp & run with the bulls gal

Silly chica at the Portland Marathon Expo Hilton. See, she's perfect for us RMR gals!

Let’s cut to the chase… Run Momma Run is overly-excited about announcing the addition of Michelle Hart to the company as VP of Events and Marketing!! She’s awesome. And I’m not just saying that because she’s been a friend of mine for over 16 years or that she’s run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain or that she knows how to do one of those crab-a-chain-link-fence-with-her-hands-and-launch-over-it moves, although those things do add to her awesomeness. Here’s some more reasons why she’ll be great in supporting our mission of celebrating and supporting women who run:

Plus she's helped me at marathon expos already and know how the wear the goods!

She’s a newer runner. This is very exciting for all of us because she has that fresh look at running, the burning questions and dreams that all of us started with. You know, like that new-car smell.

She’s a kick-ass Crossfitter and Certified Crossfit Instructor. She giggles when she tells me how many burpees she’s done or hand stands or other crazy-to-me stunts with PVC pipe and kettle bells. If you ever need motivation to cross-train, just talk to Michelle.

She’s a rockin event planner and caterer extraordinaire. This is very handy because, as you know, we like events with FOOD!

She’s stubborn as hell. In the best way. When she puts her mind to it, big things happen.

She’s got this strange ability to make people smile and talk to her like they’ve known her all their life. For 16 years she has amazed me with this talent. Crabby waiters melt, sales clerks check stock rooms for the “good one in the back”, event staff save her special parking spots at tradeshows and anyone selling anything lowers their prices when she’s around.

She’s smart as a whip. Even without caffeine. I pride myself at being a pretty good multi-tasker, but she usually runs circles around me. This is nice. Maybe my brain can take a little break.

She’s funny as sh*#. Often funnier than me. I know, hard to believe, right? I LOVE funny women. There are not enough of us out there.

She’s real. Very real. There is no plastic coating or sugar coating with Michelle. She will tell you like it is, with compassion, humor and just generally love you up.

This was our first trail run together earlier this week in Sisters. It was 27 degrees. Yep, that's our girl!

Please welcome Michelle to our team (“our” meaning you and me) and enjoy getting to know her. She’s stoked about meeting all of you. Watch for her blog posts, FB posts, Tweets and “Michelle-isms”.

Oh, and be prepared for a kick-butt 2012 with Run Momma Run. We have some seriously fun things planned.

Learn more about Michelle on our website.

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