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• Mile Markers: chapter 1-3



This is the first Read Momma Read online book club selection. You can get it here on Amazon. If you’re just joining us, you might want to read the intro page to our club. We’d love for you to join us anytime. If you’re local to Eugene/Springfield area, we’ll meet up and chat about the book. Stay tuned on FB for that info.


If I could bottle Kristin’s zest for life, sense of adventure and seemingly endless positive energy I would. What an amazing book so far.  I’m well over half way through with it cuz I can’t put it down. Just one more chapter…just one more…

So, I was hoping we could chat a bit about chapters 1-3, but let’s check in. Who has the book? Who’s caught up? If you need a bit longer, lemme know.

If you’ve read through chapter 3,  I would love to hear what you think about the book in general so far. I’ve made a little list of questions–below– that popped into my head to get the juices flowing. Feel free to answer any or all of them and/or reply to others in the feed. Be sure to check “receive future emails about the post” so you can keep up with others’ comments if you’d like. I’ll check back in next week with thoughts through chapter 9 (unless y’all need more time).

Before the questions,  I just have to say, I love her style of writing. One thing that hit me is how she addresses us, the readers, occasionally and it catches me by surprise. I have almost answered out loud, that’s how personal and intimate she makes me feel about being connected to her stories. Inviting us into the book in the ‘warmup’ chapter makes me feel that way too. It could be that it’s a collection of her blog posts, but it’s refreshing all the same.

Ok, some thoughts and questions to ponder…

1. Kristin talks a lot about using running to do many things for her…clear her head, answer questions, think, etc. I really loved her piece called Reset Button on pg 9-10. She says her reset run helps her move on through transition between “mom time and me time” when she drops her kids off at her “wasband’s” (Lance Armstrong in case you missed that). I never thought of using a run as a transition time, in daily life or between major events. Have you used a run for that specifically? How does a run help you move through changes, moods, etc?

2. Talking with women on runs is like a cool drink of water after 20 miles in the summer. It’s pure, wonderful, soooo needed for the soul and body. I agree with her thoughts on us being open, less judgmental and accepting of each other on run-chats. She says, “I wish we could always allow others to be sad without trying to fix it. I wish we could always be happy for someone else without seeing the holes in our own lives. I wish we could always share in another’s gratitude for good fortune instead of poisoning it with our own regret….”   pg 25. How does talking and sharing on a run differ than other times you get together? Do you run with relatives? I don’t, but wonder if my relationship with a relative would be different if we talked on a run.

I’ll keep it short, but would love to hear your thoughts as we launch into the book.

11 thoughts on “• Mile Markers: chapter 1-3

  1. 1. I liked the “run as a reset button” metaphor too. My post-work run is a nice way to clear my head before going home to my family. I return home more energized and happy. I feel more playful and present to interact with my family since I had the time to process my day during my run.

    When I feel stressed or out of sorts, running provides a good place for me to think, plan, cry, vent or meditate. After my runs, my problems seem smaller, less pressing and more manageable.

    2. There aren’t many times that I get the chance to have a half-hour plus conversation without my children, job or to-do list getting in the way. I find it easier to be focused and really listen and communicate on runs than in the “real world”.

    Running with my women friends helps us stay connected. When I am unable to run with them, I miss it dearly. Sometimes I’m surprised at what I share on these runs. Often times stuff just comes out that I had no intention of revealing. Running along side someone seems to make opening up less risky. I have also felt like there’s an unspoken, “what we say on the run, stays on the run” protection over our conversations on the road or trails.

    Runs with my husband prove to be some our best dates.
    Conversations flow easily, but silences are okay too. I think in regular conversation, thoughtful silences are often uncomfortable and people try to fill them up. We have fun out there too! So, let’s not forget that lovely runner’s high that one feels when running. It’s easy to have fun and cut loose on runs with that yummy stuff surging through our blood stream!

    * I am enjoying the book. The stories definitely hit home. While I tend to read books quickly, this one asks me to read it a few sections at a time. Then let the messages sink in before moving on to another section. I appreciate the pace of this group and look forward to hearing from fellow RMR book clubbers. 🙂

  2. I am into the book and am on chapter 7. I have been making notes while reading so when we do the blog I can go back and make comments. I am a runner and began running in junior high (but quick) did not like running around a track and someone (the coach) telling me what to run how to run etc. I began running again after my first divorce (that was my ‘rest button’) my baby girl was away with my “wasband” and running kept me occupied and from there I had the passion for running. My second marriage I married a runner (he now is a wasband also) and we had a daughter so now my weekends were also occupied by running. I started doing races to fill the void of my girls being gone on the weekends and my passion grew. I am still running and I run for mean reasons: to clear my head, to start my day (my day feels wrong if I dont have that run in) clear my soul, talk to God and to stay healthy but mostly because I love it–maybe i am addicted to running. However i do not, like Kristin does, have that running group of specail gals to run with, laugh with, cry with etc. that is one thing (at times) I wish I had HOWEVER I enjoy my runs alone just me, my ipod and God. I guess that is the selfish side of me…I dont know if I really want to run with others (unless it is in a race) even my husband (we have been married for 6 yrs now and I got him into running and we use to run together but now we run at different times of the day–our time alone but we run races together. Our daughter loves to run and exercise with us. (between us we have four daughterts, 2 from my wasbands, 1 from his ex and the 1 we had together).

    To answer the first question, wait, i believe I did in my ‘warmup’ I run for many reasons..never to truly running to win a race but running to refresh, start the day, and give thanks to God those are the reasons i run. I dont care about my pace, my split times, or what distance i did that day..i just love to run to be ME. I guess I answered the other question as well–I believe I love running alone–that is my time. I wish I had more running friends or gals that I were close to like Kristin does (it is something Ihave been working on–I want to come out of my shell). I should run again with my husband, we did it while dating so why should it change, guess now the demands of mom, wife, and children running is my time and I like it that way.

    I am truly enjoying the book and coud comment so much on what Kristin writes (if you could see my book and the highlights I have made or the comments I have put in the margins..I can connect with her in ways.

  3. 1. My post-work runs definitely serve as a reset button for me before I return home to my family. Out on the trails/roads I’m able to decompress, space out or process the workday’s events. I find that these days I return home to my family happier and more ready to be present than I would if I went straight from work to home.

    Often times when I’m feeling out of it, am in a bad mood or have a problem weighing heavy in my heart, a run is usually the last thing I want to do. If I can manage to get myself dressed and out the door, I almost never regret going for a run. The fresh air, movement and exercise do wonders! It re-energizes, lifts my spirits, centers me and is good for me to boot.

    I remember one time when my daughter was down in the dumps, she sighed and said “I need a run.” She must have heard my husband and I say that lots of times. I am proud that she knew that a run could help make her feel better. I hope this will serve her well in life. Perhaps if more people sought comfort in runs or workouts, rather than prescription drugs, alcohol, food, and other unhealthy choices, we’d have a much mentally and physically healthy population.

    2. Talking and sharing on a run seems easier. Perhaps it’s because you don’t have the intensity or intimacy of the eye contact, perhaps it’s the feel-good-hormones raging through your body or maybe it’s that when you run with others you have a captive audience who have nothing else to do or be distracted with than your conversation. Whatever it is, I find that I’m a better listener on runs than I am in other contexts. Likewise I tend am less inhibited and share more personal things on runs than I otherwise would. More than any other time I am prone to TMI topics on runs. It feels like the social rules are more lax on runs. Little or nothing is taboo. It also seems like there is an unspoken “what is said on the run, stays on the run” sense of privacy.

    Running with others allows for those rare half hour to four hour conversations. While marathon training, I realized that I spoke more to my running partner than I did my husband at the peak of our training. You learn a lot about someone real quick when you run with them. I love running with my running partner and running buddies. With our busy lives, it’s a very convenient and guilt-free way to stay connected. When I miss my weekly runs with these lovely women, I feel a big void. I long for that connection. Even when we get together in other contexts, it’s good too but not quite the same.

    Often times when my husband and I have dates, we go out for runs or bike rides together. Our conversations on the roads/trails are quite different than what they’d be if we went out to eat/dance/party. We tend to talk about our dreams, fears, and goofy random things. When there are silences they are comfortable, thoughtful ones that we don’t feel the need to fill as we might at a dinner table.

    I have run with my sister a couple times. It’s weird because it’s easier to talk to her when we’re not running than when we’re running. When I was a little girl, I used to ride my bike alongside my mom when she went “jogging” (as they called it in the day ;-)) I LOVED that quiet time with her. I felt honored that she allowed me to join her. We didn’t talk much but it was special just being with her without the daily distractions of phone, bills, dinner, etc.

    * I, too am enjoying the book. While not divorced, I can really relate to KA fellow momma, fellow runner, fellow girlfriend. This woman just seems to have her proverbial sh** together. She makes me want to be a better mom and friend by her classy example. I find myself tearing up a lot and am (like Kim) flagging my book like mad. It’s just a sweet, gem of a book. I tend to plow through books but this one needs to be read and digested in short snippets. I appreciate the pace of this book club and look forward to hearing what the rest of you think of the book.

  4. I am enjoying the book, but I think I’m enjoying it BECAUSE I’m running with other women. I GET it! I think Paul would be bored out of his mind and I wonder if others who haven’t tasted the running to be social piece would like it.

    Looking forward to more chapters – just read the first three so far.

    As Leah said, I love, love, love the guilt-free connection with my women runner friends. In addition to just smiling for an entire run, I adore how I am getting to know everyone and how FAST the time goes by. I test it out every now and then, running on my own and there is no comparison.

    I still don’t love running…but I love the human connection and how I feel after I have run. If I weren’t meeting someone at 6 a.m., it would be very easy for me to shut off my alarm. I look forward to the day when I love running for the sake of running, but for now I am thrilled to have found my “ticket” for doing it happily and consistently.

  5. This is a terrific book, yes..this is a book that is hard to put down.

    I can say that what Kristin offers in her book about why we run definitly fits the bill. I have been running for about 3 years and it has become my tranquility, my out and my time for me. There is nothing better than hearing your feet pounding, your breathing and to top it off the birds chirping. Love it!!

    I meet with my friend and my sister twice a week for runs, and it is truly a special bonding time. We all have common goals for running and why we do it. Would I love to have more friends to run with…absolutely. I am a morning runner as well so it is hard to find those who like to begin their run at 5:30am.

    This is a book that I want to re-read when I am done, I am currently on Ch. 17 and I am ready to start over to see if I missed any of the great pointers that she delivers.

  6. Thanks for your comments, Dena! Wow, running with your sister. That is so special. And I feel the same way, I want to go back and re-read chapters. Not only is it good running info/inspiration, but good for motherhood inspiration too.

  7. I am so into this book but sad to see that the blog is not moving along. I know we are all busy moms but I look forward to blogging in the evenings and we are still on chapters 1-3. Can I continue to post some other thoughts from these chapters and/or can I move on to the next three chapters? I dont want to get ahead however I want to see this continue.

    Long run today…60 degree weather here (finally–it has been rain and 30’s) I don’t like the 30 degree weather and rain. so I ran 6 miles yesterday on the treadmill. going to double that today (in the sun) have a 1/2 marathon in less then 24 days. this will be my second 1/2 that I run.

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