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• miles of smiles from rmr’s first group run

Along the Amazon Trail in Eugene Oregon
Along the Amazon Trail in Eugene, Oregon

I remember the first time I ran with a group. I was afraid I would do something stupid like be stuck in the porta-potty when everyone took off, and you know what? I did EXACTLY that. It was a self-fulfilling prophesy. But it wasn’t stupid – I REALLY had to go and yeah, everyone took off and no one waited and it was no big deal cuz I caught up to them pretty quickly. After THAT though, my first group run was amazing! I finally had folks to talk running with and everyone had the same challenges as I did, the same questions, the same smile on their faces when they were done.

Ages of our kids,  new racing shoes, husband’s careers, our careers, tempo runs, middle-school flashbacks, number of bathrooms in your house and running goals when you hit 40. These were some of the topics covered on our first Run Momma Run group run this morning at Amazon Trail in Eugene. We met at 6:00am (Or you could say O Six Hundred. Early hours make me want to say it in military time.)  The light was just starting to peak through the blue-gray clouds and the lights were still on along the trail. We headed south along the west side all the way to 31st street, then up Rexious Trail to the little bridge. That was our turn-around spot. We only got rained on for a bit on the way back. Conversation never lagged and the miles flew by. I think – no I KNOW – I was smiling the entire time. Even though I ran alone for the first 5 years of my running and still enjoy doing that, meeting new people and running in a group adds so much to my experience.

Do you remember the first time you ran with someone or in a group? What was your experience?

3 thoughts on “• miles of smiles from rmr’s first group run

  1. Thanks for organizing this Laura! First time I ran with a group was training for the Eugene Marathon. I nearly ran by myself and came in last place each run. Next time around in that same group, I made some great friends. My, how much quicker and easier the miles go by when you have folks to gab with!

  2. What fun!! The trail looks beautiful that time of day. How did the radio show go for runmommarun? I’d love to hear it.

  3. I loved the interview on the radio show. It was so informative and fun and you sounded fabulous. What a great show. Keep it on your site so new peeps can hear it. It’s timeless. xoxo

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