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• nicole teter, olympian & director of the eugene women’s half marathon event plus running dress giveaway!

Nicole Teter-Downin Talks with us Aug 9th & Sporthill Dress Giveaway!

2-Time Olympian, American indoor 800m champ, owner of EWH & super cool runner momma!

Let’s celebrate women’s running with our 2nd Thursday Post-Run Coffee & Chat. We have two special treats for you! Nicole Teter-Downin, owner of the Eugene Women’s Half Marathon, Olympian and 10-year record holder for the women’s indoor 800m, will be joining us for a runner-momma Q&A. Details!

Sarah & Jessicca post-race high!

Have you ever run a women’s race?

I’ve ran the Eugene Women’s Half Marathon a few years ago and it was my first all-women’s race. I run with women every week and I LOVE the energy, comfort and encouragement it brings me. Multiply this by a googleplex and you have the feeling of running in an all-women’s race. The folks at the Eugene Women’s Half have done a fantastic job of tapping into the power of women runners and the awesome vibe of track town. But don’t believe me, read it for yourself. Recently, we had the exciting opportunity to give away three entries to the race. For a chance to win, women wrote in to tell us why they love to or would love to run an all-women’s race. I started crying when I re-read them this morning to write this post (I’ve copied some of them below). From finding their inner athlete to letting their daughters know they can do ANYTHING… from tapping into the power of the female spirit to helping their bodies bounce back from childbirth, the reasons are many, beautiful and us!

Here’s some of the awesome reasons!

JH-Nothing more powerful than being a women. Throw all of us in a race together and the expereince is epic!

DL- Strong, powerful women running along side each other is exhilarating! No matter your speed or experience, your weight, your goals or the shape you’re in, you always feel supported with fun, fierce women beside you.

ES- I love setting a good example for my daughters and hope they will run it with me when they are old enough. (The mimosas are great too!)

JT- Being encouraged by strong, courageous, beautiful energy.

CS- I’m hoping that at least a few passer-bys will think it’s a regular race but the women are just beating everyone else. 🙂

EM- Would love to run this since we moved to Oregon in February! Trying to set the active example for my two daughters 🙂

JZB- Sensing a lot of beautiful “mommy energy” 🙂

SRL- The experience is completely different for a women’s race. You aren’t running for the race. The meaning of the race is different. You are running for health, empowerment, to be a positive influence for your children and friends. Every woman has her own reason for being there and the energy in amazing. I ran the inaugural race and was injured last year. I have volunteered each year and would love to run it this year! I love hearing my 3 year old daughter cheering for me out on the course and at the finish line!

GP- I can’t run it this year darn it! But last year’s experience was amazing. The vibe on the course was so uplifting. I saw compassion for fellow runners I’ve never seen in another race. It was also incredible to see husbands and kids lining the course with their signs and cheers of support for the runner mommas in their lives! Even if you don’t win the drawing….sign up to run! It’s so worth it! By far one of my favorite race experiences!

MW- I would love to win this race because it’s some “me” time! running is so good for the mind, body, and soul and EXPENSIVE!! haha..

KM- I want to run because when I run people ask me what I’m training for and I tell them LIFE. I’m going to run this race as one more step in this amazing journey.

MSS- I have always wanted to be an athlete!! Now that im divorced running is something just for me! Now I can truly say im a happy healthy athlete. My goal was to run a half marathon before I was 30 so I guess I will just have to wait a month! See you all there!

RC- I posted an ad on the fridge for this race after I had my baby 16 months ago. I didn’t run it then because I wasn’t in good enough shape. Now, our finances are tight, so its not likely I will be able to enter without this.  I’m a full time pre-nursing student with a 4.0 juggling mommyhood, breastfeeding, wifedom, and everything else. I’d love this entry because I’d love to prove to my son that mommy can do anything, and inspire my husband to get fit and healthy to.

LM- 18 months ago, I couldn’t run a mile. I decided to run 12 races in 2012 to motivate myself to improve and then maintain my fitness. I assumed that most races would be 5ks with maybe a 10k thrown in there toward the end of the year. So far, I’ve done 7 races including 3 10ks since Memorial Day. Would love to stretch myself even further by finishing a half this year. I love the idea of women’s races and have had my eye on this race for years but the fear of failure and $ have kept me from registering. Would LOVE to win an entry and make myself face my fear.

RY- Showing my daughter you can really do anything, even when it seems impossible! And for my own personal victory!

RD- I started running 3 years ago and have completed the Eugene’s womens half both years it was offered. As of weigh in today I’ve lost 67 from my heaviest and I’m down 20 pounds since running in last year’s race. I would to run the race again this year so see if my time has improved with my weight loss. Hopefully it will!

AL- I ran the inaugural race but i had just had a baby for last year’s. I desperately need motivation for training and getting back into shape post-baby; this would be perfect. I love the atmosphere a woman’s race has.

CW_ I am new to this area (Corvallis) and am amazed by the number of strong, vibrant and beautiful women here. Women have tremendous power when we stick together. I would love to be a part of such an amazing event and experience it with all these awesome women. Talk about an inspirational race!

KM- I have never been athletic. Ever. But weighing my heaviest after the birth of my son 18 months ago, I decided being fat and sluggish just wasn’t an option. So, I started running. Or, as I called it at first, ruking. A combo of run/walk/puke. After my first 5k, I was hooked. A few months ago I found myself training for my first ever half marathon. Each time I’d show up for a training run I’d just giggle to myself. Me? Training for a half? Wtf?! But train I did — with many supposed friends doubting my athleticism along the way — and successfully ran the Happy Girls Half! Proud doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt after. Overwhelmed at my amazing journey and accomplishment. And a surprising feeling — disappointment. Huh? Apparently, this new runner gal inside me is a tad competitive. I wished I’d run my race faster! I MUST do this again! The Eugene Womens half is the perfect opportunity to prove to myself (& all those that doubted me along the way) that I am indeed a runner. A REAL runner. And dare I say, an athlete?! It must be all that awesome girl power along the way 🙂

DC- Beautiful course and awesome company.

CK- Because I’ve run a marathon or half-marathon during both of my pregnancies thus far, and I’d love to run another with baby #3!

SK- Had my first born just 5 months ago, this race would be a great motivator for me to get back into running!!

TH- WOMEN, the most powerful being on the planet. Together on one day showing exactly what we are made of – determination, strength and zeal. Love to be a part of the sisterhood. WE ARE STRONG, do you really think a man could handle giving birth to a baby?

TB- The best part of a woman’s race? Being surrounded by inspiring woman who are doing inspiring things for themselves, nothing more powerful and moving than that!

SH- A year and a half ago I’d never run a whole mile. This year I did the Hippie Chick 1/4 marathon and absolutely LOVED the all-women’s race atmosphere. It is so empowering to be among women (especially the woman who was nursing as she walked to the start line!). I’m from Eugene and would love to get to make the hometown connection in an all women’s race. I especially love the idea of running through parts of the town where I used to define myself as the nerd, not the athlete. It would be such a crowning moment of the new me.

MS- It is so empowering and amazing to run with all women, I want my daughter to grow up knowing the sky is the limit and together we can accomplish ANYTHING!

LF- Laura Faiszt I love, love, love this run. The last time I ran it was right after I had gall bladder surgery so I had to walk most of it. I would love to do this again while I am healthy. I love the energy at all women’s races and this is one of my favorites!

Are these awesome or what? We’d love your feedback on women’s racing – why do you do it or want to? Oh, and don’t forget about our event with Nicole Teter-Downin and Sporthill Dress Giveaway!

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  1. I can’t wait for the Eug women’s half marathon! It’ll be my third half marathon, and my first time running this race. I’m doing it with my best friend – it will be her first, and I’ve been loving helping her train. So excited!

  2. Sara – that’s awesome! You and your friend will have a blast. It’s such a great course and the treats at the end are super! We will have a booth there, so be sure to stop by and introduce yourself. I’d love to know how it went for you! xxoo~Laura

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