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• olympic trials at tracktown 2012 recap recipe

Athletes came. Rain fell. Rain fell hard. Runners splashed through puddles that sent water up over their heads.  Records were broken. Athletes cried. Fans cheered from beneath their plastic yellow ponchos. The sun came out. And Tracktown12 roared with the sound that only Hayward Field is known for at the 2012 Olympic Trials for Track & Field.

And Run Momma Run ran the show from a 10 x 10 booth from the Fan Fest area just feet from the action! That’s right, our booth was HOPPIN’ If you don’t believe us, check out the groovy Run Momma Run news clip from KMTR.

Our work schedule was crazy, but we managed to get in our workouts and smoke breaks just the same. (Michelle is such a multitasker!)

We met heaps of runner mommas, runner daddies, kids, walkers, athletes, athletes’ parents (our personal favorites – oh, the PRIDE in their eyes). For 8 days we set up camp, sold our goodies – our kick butt Marathon Medal Display Racks and Run Momma Run Logo tech shirts with our favorite phrase: “Ask your doctor if getting off your ass is right for you” Want one? Get one here!

We also talked to gals about our Thursday morning Eugene Women’s Running Group, our sweet Track & Trail Women’s Running retreat coming up in October and well, running! Throw in a couple a crazy best friends and you’ve got yourself a recipe for an amazing, fun-filled business bonanza!

Start with an empty tent and dance it for several minutes
Fill with hip banner, signs and one hot momma
Sprinkle lightly with sweet volunteers
Simmer for 8 days with customers
Stir in heaps of giveaways like our grand prize bundle from Mizuno
Throw in a pinch of snarky tech shirts, some spicy
…and some mild
Top it off with more catching phrases and cool products
Sit back and enjoy the hard work and fabulous time with a couple cold ones.

Shout outs and Thank Yous!

Our time at the trials was truly a delicious mixture of hard work and fun. Getting there was a dream I had since I first started the business. And we could not have done it without the help of many. Michelle, my biz partner, is worth her weight in gold. That woman Makes. Things. Happen.

A big thanks to THE man behind the scenes, her sweetie Wayne. From 48 trips to Jerrys to helping us pack up every night, he kept things moving’ and shakin’.

And our RMR Gals! You not only volunteered (repeatedly), but created the fantastic energy and spirit that got so many gals interested in us. Your love of women who run is the heart of what we do and you’re it!

Of course, a big thanks to all of our great business partners who provided us with fantastic giveaways and cross marketing. (See the list below)

And last, but not least, thanks Ron Wayne of Mizuno who believed in our little business enough to offer us a footwear partnership so that we can share the amazing shoes, apparel and spirit of the Mezamashii Project with our runner mommas.

Our Awesome Biz Partners & Their Giveaways

Mizuno Grand Prize Running Gear Package
Eugene Running Company Apparel and Motorola MOTOACTV
Sporthill Outfits
Eugene Women’s Half Race Entries & Tech Tees
Eclectic Edge Racing Shirts and Race Packages
Dirty Dash Race Entries
Eugene Running Club Personal Coaching
Silvan Ridge Wines & Winery Tours
Run Pretty Far Apparel
Lululemon Totes
Swiftwick Aspire & Vibe Socks
Picky Bars Pro Pack
Hot Bird Running Custom Online Coaching
See Jane Run Apparel
Cooperative Performance & Rehabilitation Body Evaluation
Another Mother Runner Books
Eyes of the World Smith Sun Sport Glasses
CrossFit Lane 5 Free Month
Running Books by Joe Henderson
Barre 3 Classes
Sand Master Park Sandboard Lessons
Kings Guide Service Fishing Trip
MapClicks Business Gift Cards

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