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• race recovery runner’s clinic report

Our awesome (and fast!) instructors Meghan & Jessica from Hot Bird Running
Last Saturday we had our first in our new RMR Clinics Series. We were sooo excited to host Jessica and Meghan of Hot Bird Running as they schooled us about Race Recovery. And man did they pack in the info! The first half of the presentation they filled us in on how to make a recovery plan. Recovery plan? Yeah, that’s what I said. I’m stoked to make one for my 50K coming up in September. I usually don’t think much about recovery. After the race, my thoughts kinda go…”Well, I made it. Let’s eat. Where did I put my beer? Let’s eat. Dam, that hurts. Where’s my beer? Let’s eat. Nite nite.”

Our clinic was packed with detailed info on what to do AFTER you cross the finish line!

It was sort of refreshing to know I wasn’t alone in my lack of post-race self-care planning. Everyone in the clinic took copious notes on how to set up a plan for the hours after a race, the first few days, the first couple weeks and beyond. The trick is to stick to it so that you recover well for your next race AND for the rest of your running career. A string of bad recoveries may be painful in the short term (not fun), but may shorten your overall years of continued running (absolutely no fun).

Jessica gave us the goods on post run nutrition as well. Among other things, kale chips was on the top 10 list of post race goodies. VERY cool. I love those. Chocolate milk was on the list as well. Everyone seemed pleased about that. After the low-down on making a plan, nutrition, rest,  how soon we should be doing other activities and when to get back to running, Meghan, who is also a yoga instructor,  lead us through a series of stretches – with neckties of all things. Fun! (Mine had boats on it in case you’re wondering).

Neckties and golf balls are handy post-race stretching and muscle massaging toolsWe also learned more about recovery tools to include the stick, foam rollers, tennis balls, squishy balls, etc. Check out Meghan’s race recovery tools video. Massage, hydration and post-race blues were also discussed and we Q & A’d the heck out of these ladies. It was awesome!

We’ll soon have our list of future clinics and topics up online, so we’ll let you know when the next ones are coming up. Here’s some of our thoughts and topics that have been suggested to us.

Getting Faster: Intro to Speedwork
Climbing Higher: Intro to Hills
Going Longer: Intro to Distance
Racing 101: From Start to Finish
So You Wanna Run a Marathon?
Intro to Trail Running
Injury Prevention
Running Form
Cross Training
Running over 40
Moms Running
Barefoot/Minimalist Running

We’d love to know what you’d be interested in for a clinic or your get new ideas! Please comment below and let us know!

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