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• the road back

How can I not stay inspired with friends like this? (Wendy & Tanya coming in after their winery countryside run)

…is sweet. It’s also slow and short. I’m happy to report that I’m back out there running ever-so-cautiously, slowly, shortly and carefully. It’s a wonderful feeling that I’m treasuring.Since my right foot started falling apart in May and then having to quit running in June, I’ve been living the other side of running. The injured side. It’s the humbling side, as you probably know. The focus goes from how far, how fast, when can I go, who goes with, where to play and where to race to how do I fix this so I can get back on the other side. The mental issues sometimes equal or surpass the physical ones.

The first couple weeks of no running I got sort of depressed. I felt like a hamster that lost her beloved wheel. Lots of energy, but no where to expend it.

I actually got dumber for a while. I made silly mistakes all day long and couldn’t smarten up no matter how hard I tried. Things like leaving my coffee on the top of my car. Heading to the library to return books that sat in the living room. We all do that once in a while. But many times a day made me worry about my own safety.

I couldn’t figure out how to get high (snarf, chuckle). Biking didn’t do it, pilates sure didn’t do it. I thought swimming might do it, but the closest I could get was staying in the hot tub too long.

I wondered how I was going to continue working in a running-oriented business and NOT be running. I thought it would bum me out. Surprisingly, it didn’t. Being around other runners, being the event director for LCHAY‘s 5k and planning our Fall Winery Run & Brunch was a great way to be immersed in running, to feel supported and have people listen to me whine once in a while. It was almost like running sans the ice bath.

My relationship with running changed. Of course, they say that you don’t know a good thing till it’s gone. Dammit, that’s so true. Running has such ups and downs. Being injured can bring you to that down place because it’s like losing a friend for a while. When they move back into town, however, the upside is awesome. You don’t take them for granted. You listen more. You thank them more. You’re happy, even if they can only stay a short time.

Welcome back, friend.

If you’ve been injured, what did you learn about yourself or your relationship to running?

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