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• train like a mother book review & giveaway for mother’s day!

Happy Train Like a Mother’s Day! (Both books are awesome)

In my mind, there’s no better time for a giveaway than Mother’s Day, cuz this is the hardest job evah. Am I right? Seriously, I would rather nix Christmas gifts and be showered with presents on the day that says, “Heck yeah, I’m the mom and I work my a&& off keeping my kids happy, healthy, safe and mostly snot-face-free!” Skip the Santa and pass the hammock.

I’ve been saving my extra copy of Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line–and Not Lose Your Family, Job or Sanity by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea since Sarah spoke and read at our fun-delicious Spring Winery Run & Brunch in March. Of course, I’ve also been reading my copy and loving it.

They are right when they say it really belongs on your nightstand.  Mine will stay there a long time because it’s like having a running buddy just sorta hanging out in case you need her at any hour. (Kinda like real running buddies) You can pick it up and read stuff like Sarah’s plans for peeing her pants (yes a PLAN) during the Portland Marathon so she wouldn’t miss her time goal. She says her REI capris absorbed most of the pee and it was, after all, pouring rain, so “the torrent of raindrops served as a natural flush.” This cracks me up….and fills me with respect in an odd way. She rocked her time goal! (Side note: She and her friend, Sheila, came to my hotel room after this race to freshen up before heading out to find their families. Of course, I didn’t know at the time that she sat down at my computer to check her official race time in her pee pee pants. Now I’m really cracking up!)

I’m pretty sure Sarah didn’t pee her pants at our winery run.

It’s just real life stuff. The stuff you talk about on your runs with friends. This is one reason I love the book.

The other reason is the training plans and race info. I’m not a stranger to racing and marathons, but I’m always checking out plans and hunting for “the thing” that will make my next race better. But let’s back up… I LOVE Dimity’s quiz that asks you if you should race in the first place. How clever is that? I have a few newbie runner friends and this would be great for them to work through. Though a bit tongue-in-cheek, really, the questions get to the heart of your personality type. Question 10 is my favorite…

10. The last goal you set for yourself was:

A. Are you talking professional, financial, personal, family or emotional?

B. To read at least one book and to try four new recipes every month. So far I have a 3-month streak going.

C. To get my linen closet organized before the end of the month.

D. To make it to 5 p.m. before I crack open a beer. And I really don’t like the taste of beer.

The names of the marathon training plans make perfect sense. Either you pick the “finish it” or the “own it” plan, depending on your fitness, goals and life craziness. Having used the only-1-20-miler plans in the past, I agree with Sarah about the need to do a few, especially if you have a time goal. See the “own it” plan for that idea.

Like a good chick flick, this is a good chick read. For example, in the recovery section, the “Menu Of Services” for recouping after a race or hard training effort includes all the runnery stuff like ice bath, compression, heat, Aleve, etc, but also includes pedicure. Yep, us gals got special needs. Sweet!

I won’t tell you how to read this book because there is good reason to go from point A to point B, but I’m having fun jumping around. Reading all the inset/gray page sections with real life stories of other runner mothers, quotes, tips, dos and don’ts is a perfect night cap. I grab it, toss back a few, and feel all  jazzed and runnerly for my early morning road or trail pounding plan the next day.

Sarah and Dimity are wonderful women, runners and mommas as well as clever, smart and downright funny writers. Let’s wish them or one of your favorite moms a Happy Train Like a Mother’s Day here or on our Facebook page for a chance to win their latest book! We’ll pick a random name from here or Facebook on Mother’s Day by 8:00pm PST.

14 thoughts on “• train like a mother book review & giveaway for mother’s day!

  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Laura! I hope it starts with a fantastic trail run (maybe I’m really hoping for that myself; if you want that dream, too, I wish it for you!)

  2. My uterus was too irritable to attend the book signing (uber-pregnant!). I loved Run Like a Mother and try to attend RLAM events when I have the opportunity. I would love a copy of Train like a Mother, and I believe I may even be quoted in there regarding how I separate my regular Body Glide from the stick I use on my naughty bits.

  3. I can so relate to the peeing in the pants. I’ve only done this once (not planned). I was running the Ragnar in So-Cal and it was my first leg. I got to a crosswalk at a major intersection and had to stop and to my utter astonishment began to pee ever so slightly and could NOT STOP (thankfully no one was there)!!!! I was mortified and was scared to stop at future crosswalks with people around me. Luckily, that was the only pee stop. After handing off to the next runner, the only other female runner in my van and I began comparing runs and apparently we both had pee stops….totally funny and unexpected bonding.

  4. I saw SBS at the RMR Winery run this spring. I really enjoyed the segment of the book she read at breakfast, and I would love to read the rest of the book. I could really use some help shaving some time off my half marathon finish time!

  5. Happy Mother’s Day to my awesome mom who has been here with me the last 4 days as I started chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer…she is wonderful at taking care of me and making me feel super special!! Love you Mom!!!
    I have a feeling I could use this book when I can finally get back to my running after surgery/treatment/more surgery!



  6. I’ll save my peeing & running stories for another day, but I do want the book!!!! (please). Happy Mother’s Day, all you amazing Mamas!

  7. This would make my mothers day even better! Struggling back from an injury (which happened right before the Eugene 1/2 marathon!) and realizing just how much I love (and need) my running! Thanks for keeping us all motivated!

  8. Hearing Sarah speak was enough to make me want to read the book but the review makes me want it now! Happy moms day!

  9. Jennifer!!! You won the book, girlfriend! Email me your address to laura@runmommarun.com and I’ll get it out to you. My RMR partner, Michelle, is about 6 weeks out from her breast cancer treatments and is feeling great. We wish the same for you, Jennifer!! ~Laura

  10. Didn’t I email you my address? I thought I did, but haven’t seen the book arrive…I know your busy, maybe you haven’t had a chance to send it. Let me know if I didn’t send you my email…or maybe I’ll just try again here… Thanks!

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