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About Laura

Hi there,

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Laura, founder of Run Momma Run. I loooove taking new trail runners on their first adventures. Seeing those sweaty, smiling faces at the end of a beautiful day in the woods can’t be beat. Of course, I can’t take all of you with me on a run, but I can be your virtual trail guide. I’m here to celebrate and support women who run – that’s YOU. Thanks for joining me on the journey!


Obviously early in the run when I had energy and sass to pull this stunt and enough brain cells left to be thinking, "Gee, I need a cool Facebook profile photo."
McKenzie River Trail. This is one of the luxurious bridges across the raging river that has rails on both sides.

I’ve been running regularly since 1999. The reasons are many; cardio fitness, mood enhancement, leg enhancement, waist enhancement. You get the picture. Running for fitness and mental well-being are high on the list. But mostly, I run because I LOVE IT. It gets me closer to myself; closer to my inner thoughts, my fears and my joy. It also helps me shut off that crazy-self-talker-chick who can’t stop thinking about all the things she has to do everyday. When I’m running, I’m just running. It makes me feel like an athlete. I AM an athlete. There is no better feeling.

I started running longer in 2005. I wanted to do something challenging for my 40th birthday, so I decided to run the Newport, Oregon Marathon. I’ve done a lot of races since, a bunch of shorter races, half marathons, other road and trail marathons. My current true love is ultrarunning in the woods. I love Peterson Ridge Rumble 40 miler just outside of Sister’s Oregon,  Siskiyou Outback in Southern Oregon,  McKenzie River Trail Run 50K and the cruelingly fabulous Lithia Loop Trail Marathon.


When I’m not running, it’s what I like to talk about, read about, write about, and otherwise surround myself with. Hence, Run Momma Run, a place where I can do all of that and share and learn from all of you.  Celebrating and connecting is what we’re all about…

Celebrating: Yearly at my Winery Run & Brunch at Silvan Ridge Winery. 2018 will be our 9th annual event! Enjoy a gorgeous fun run in the countryside, delight in a delicious brunch, a full wine tasting, and guest speaker at our boutique event that seats 100 women. Register early. It fills up every year. Another way to celebrate is with my Runner Momma Marathon Medal Display Rack (of course, you can hang your hat and gear with it too!)

Connecting: Running buddies are a must. Connect and share with us on Facebook, Twitter and the RMR blog. And of course, come run with our Weekly Eugene Running Group for Women!

rrca-certified-coach-logod85eb35c78366c709642ff00005f0421Coaching: Trail running is my thing.  And I love helping people get out on the trails and into their first trail race. Whether it’s a 10K or a 50K, I’m here for you. If you’d like to try, improve, or  grab the adventure of your first race, contact me. My unique approach to coaching takes all of your “real life” challenges, schedules, and dreams into account so you get a detailed “Whole Life Trail Running Race Plan” Exciting, right? Let’s do it!

I’ve got two amazing kids (14 and 11). They were both adopted from Korea when they were 4 months old. We have always told them we picked the best ones and we were right!

I have the best hubz ever! Bill is a child and family therapist. He’s funny, hot, well-read, a super-daddy, and not afraid of teenagers, which is great, because teenager in the house!


runners_cheeseLove to eat…stinky cheese

Can’t live without…a good night’s sleep

Hates it when…people  don’t use their turning signals

Loves to run…at dawn after a fresh snowfall

Rambles incessantly…before a race

Smiles at…her kids eat when they eat their veggies

Will never give up…on her dream to grow the perfect Poblano Peppers

Used to eat…Fruit Loops with chocolate milk when she was in the Air Force

Really appreciates…funny women

Cooks…as therapy

Runs…commando (panty lines are never attractive)


Besides a running coach, I am currently CEO and digital marketing consultant at SageBloomMedia.com as well as a marketing and technology instructor at Lane Community College’s Small Business Development Center here in Eugene, Oregon. Some of my other resumes have included:

  • Ice skater extraordinaire (age 14)
  • Gas station attendant (gotta love short-term customers)
  • Air Force Staff Sergeant (8 years in the service, definitely a previous life)
  • Ski bum (in Europe and Oregon, over 100 days a year)
  • Retail Manager (they called me the up-sell queen)
  • Homebrewer (IPA. Period.)
  • Academic nerd (BA in Comparative Literature, Women’s Studies, University of Oregon, Summa Cum Laude,  Oregon Six)
  • Self-taught website developer and web dev business owner and CEO  (1999 to 2010)
  • Associate director of a childhood obesity prevention non-profit for a few years
  • Mom (18 to life – yahoo!)

I would love to connect with you personally! Drop me a note and tell me about your running dreams.




8 thoughts on “About Laura

  1. Hi, Laura,
    Love your blog. Hope you don’t mind a Momma Runner follower who is 56. I started running to lose weight when my daughter Wendy was born. She’s 33 now, my best friend and steadfast running partner. We’ve done urban races and shared many trail races – our favorites. I’m an RRCA running coach with two sites, a local site RunTampa.com and MojoforRunning.com Wendy just ran her first marathon, and you can imagine my pride.
    I so much agree that running mothers teach their children a healthy lifestyle that will enrich their lives in every way.
    I taught school for 15 years, and I was so saddened by teens so obese that they could not sit comfortably in school desks, and their self images . . . you can imagine.
    I am in the process of trying to launch a city-wide free beginning runner program. One of the key elements will be encouraging kids and parents to participate together. There will be a mentoring element as well.
    I look forward to your future posts, and I hope you will read some of mine.
    When I read your comments here and on FB, they mirror my views and those of my own daughter. Keep up the good work. When I was your age, very few women ran, by comparison. I am so jealous of those nifty jogging strollers that make it possible to run with small children. I tried it 30 yrs. ago with a $10 ‘umbrella’ stroller. Didn’t work.
    You and others like you WILL, little by little, inspire the change that will turn around the obesity and resulting diabetes epidemic.
    Debbie Voiles

  2. Dear Debbie,

    Thanks for your sweet and meaningful note! I really needed the encouragement today. Been pushing on all fronts a bit much and your words really hit the right spot. You’re the voice of experience I love to hear from; a mom, runner, someone who has and is continuing to make a difference in her community and has, obviously, made a difference in her family. Wow, your daughter is your running partner? How fabulous is that?

    Thanks for being a wonderful example for me and others. Let’s stay close. I can’t wait to hear how your local running program unfolds. I want to do the same, or at least start some group runs. Lots of plans in my head, excited to see them unfold.

    Have a wonderful weekend! ~Laura

  3. Laura: Just ran across your blog. Fellow Eugeneian, and a mama to boot, though mine are those infamous teens you worry about! (and rightly so 😉 )

    I see that you were offering free speed camps as a precursor to the Women’s half coming up; will you continue these after that or was that a one-time deal? I am a long-time ‘runner’ (read: inconsistent walker-jogger) who is finally trying to get more serious about it, and really don’t even know where to begin, I only know that what I am doing is not really working. I’m not much of a joiner, but think I may need to change that to find the support I think I am needing. Thanks for any support you can offer. 🙂


  4. Laura,
    My name is Tara and I too am a running mother. I have actually run all my life and can’t imagine not doing it. I read your post on plantar faciitis and acupuncture. I have had pf for the past 6 months and actually took 3 months off. It nearly killed me! I have seen a physical therapist, sports medicine dr, and gotten advice from my local running store. Did the acupuncture work? I am ready to explore alternative medicine. I have started running again and the pain is manageable, but it is still there. Would love your advice!

  5. Hi Tara,
    I’m so so sorry to hear of your PF. I’ve had it twice and it’s no picnic. Seems like no matter what I did, time was the only thing that really healed it. It’s a long wait. However, I feel that acupuncture did a good job of relieving immediate pain on many days. I am lucky to have an extremely experienced Chinese medicine herbalist and acupuncturist here in Eugene. She did several treatments per week for about 6 weeks, then once a week for another month or so. It was helpful, as I mentioned, but it just took a long time (about a year each time) for all symptoms to go away. When I got back into running, I did it extremely slowly. A sample workout would be 10 minute walk, 2 minute run, 2 walk, 4 run, 2 walk, 4 run 10 minute walk. I would increase that only a bit over a week’s time. I have a coach who kept things very conservative for me. I only ran 3 days a week. Other days I swam, careful not to push off the wall with bad foot. I also did a lot of pool running which helped tremendously in keeping up my cardio fitness and running form in tact. Of course, I did a lot of calf stretching and icing after each run. Compression socks are also wonderful and I wear those after any run over 5 miles. I also tried calf massage which I think was very good. The PF sock just bothered me too much. Wearing my running shoes ALL the time was also very important. I had my PT person fit me with some superfeet and that helped with support. Good luck, Tara. It’s a long road, but don’t give up! You will be back to your old self with time. ~Laura

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