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• are you a runner rubbernecker?

You think you might be, but you’re not sure?  Take this quick test and find out just how much of a running geek you are.

When you see a runner while driving around town do you…

A. Start to count the number of runners you see on your drive home?

B. Crane your neck to see if you know them?

C. Slow the car down in case you recognize them and want to wave or throw ’em a thumbs up?

D. Take stock of the pace, stride, clothes, form, brand of shoes, type of water bottle, breed of dog running alongside?

E. Mumble things to yourself  in the car like, “Dam, that guy’s fast” or “Shorts and it’s 32 degrees out?” or “Was that Rupp?”

F. Swear to yourself out loud that if you see one more runner jogging in place at a stop light that you’ll never do THAT again. (What was I thinking?)

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, yep, you’re a Runner Rubbernecker. Hey, be proud! But remember, when you’re out there running, we’re watching you too!

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4 thoughts on “• are you a runner rubbernecker?

  1. Funny. My husband was driving me to the train station at 6 am yesterday morning and we saw a guy running through the snow piles in Philadelphia’s 24-degree morning. We both said “Boston. It’s the only explanation.” The guy had to be training for April’s Boston Marathon. I look forward to getting back out there post baby birth!

  2. Tara, thanks for your note. Yeah, Boston for sure. What a thrill to be training for that! Hey, speaking of thrills, due date is coming up soon! All the best for you and the babe. Looking forward to connecting with you on your blog.

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