the 19 stages of taper

BodyGlide Giveaway post! Comment below or on our Facebook page for a chance to win a sweet For Her BodyGlide Pack with the must-have glide and sweet running hat! Winner picked April 24th. This post is dedicated to all my buddies running the Eugene Marathon races this weekend. I hold you in my hearts as I do those involved in … [continue]

• mizuno product review & the mezamashii project

Michelle, my biz partner here at RMR, and I are blessed in many ways. Not only do we get to be best friends (going on 17 years!) but we get to work and play together. And I want to share something very special about her too. If you didn’t know, she was the financial beginnings to Run Momma Run and, … [continue]

• 10 random things: running, food, friends, gadgets and inspiring women

I’m feeling the need to play bloggy catch up. No big paragraphs for you to read, so throw down a cup a joe and let’s do a “wordless Wednesday” with a couple words thrown in.       What’s up with you all? Running, gadgets, inspiring faces, places or races?