• mizuno product review & the mezamashii project

Michelle, my biz partner here at RMR, and I are blessed in many ways. Not only do we get to be best friends (going on 17 years!) but we get to work and play together. And I want to share something very special about her too. If you didn’t know, she was the financial beginnings to Run Momma Run and, … [continue]

• the perfect recipe for keeping warm: mizuno giveaway & yummy soup

Our Mizuno Giveaway Extravaganza Continues (But first, Soup!) I asked our lovely Michelle to share her amazing recipe for Pumpkin Carrot Coconut Curry Soup and her thoughts on being in Oregon this time of year.  Soup is a lovely way to bring in the season and so is winning a pair of new running shoes!!! We continue with our awesome … [continue]