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Top 10 Trail Running Tips for Beginners

These 10 trail running tips for beginners  are guaranteed to get you ready to play, boost your confidence and give you the tools and tips you need to enjoy the amazing adventures of trail running – today!  I love running trails all year. Each season offers new paths, new views and new journeys. One of my favorite things about trail … [continue]

The Best Piece of Trail Running Gear is a New Mindset

When people ask me what I like about trail running, I usually tell them that I love running in nature, the varied terrain, and that the conditions are always changing. This is what makes running trails so fun, surprising and challenging. But, here’s a little secret I don’t often mention to people. I hated trail running when I first tried … [continue]

Something Funny about Speedwork and Running-Life Alignment

Ok, that was a total bait and switch title. There is really nothing funny about speedwork. Well, except maybe waaaay after you’re done and you slap your track buddy on the back the next day and  joke about how you almost died on that last 800. “Yeah, and I’m so glad you were in lane 1 so my  wild-and-windy-loogie didn’t … [continue]

Training for a Race is Like Dieting: You Need a Plan, Support & Treats

Training for a race is a lot like dieting. Things start out really great. You’ve got lots of motivation. You’re high on the goal. You’ve got your plans laid out in front of you and you’re ready to check things off your list. You bump along the first few weeks and things don’t seem so hard. A little extra veggies, … [continue]