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One Tip Wednesday: How to Heal All the Parts

Hey there! So, we all know that runners are super super talented at getting inured, right? Trust me, I’m a pro at it. I think it’s the only thing I’m getting better at with age. Except maybe piecrust. My grandmother would be proud of my chicken pot piecrust from last night. Anyway. What I’m not so good at is healing. … [continue]

One Tip Wednesday: Fast is as Fast Does

Fast is as Fast Does Hey guys, So, is speed work just weird or is it me? I mean, I’m just not a super fast person by nature. It’s not in my DNA. Hurling myself around the track at anything faster than my “happy trails” pace can feel awkward. Why? Because I don’t do it that regularly. Except when I … [continue]

One Tip Wednesday: Get it in gear

Hey hey! This is your One Tip Wednesday: your weekly dose of runner momma mojo, delivered right to your cozy inbox. This tip comes to you from a routine-lovin’ girl. When my schedule feels overwhelming, as it does on too many mornings, I know routine has got my back. Coffee, email, more coffee, run, shower, eat, kids…. It’s a great … [continue]

One Tip Wednesday: Thumbs Up!

Welcome to your One Tip Wednesday: your weekly dose of runner momma mojo! What’s this, you say? It’s a busy runner momma’s chewable vitamin delivered right to your cozy inbox. It’s healthy, slightly sweet, easy to digest, and it’s got a little kick to it. Every Wednesday you’ll get one juicy tip that you can use in your runner’s life. … [continue]