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One Tip Wednesday: Are You Faking it?

Moms know when there is leftover chocolate in the cupboard. It could be the last tidbit of a chocolate-dipped Biscotti, it could be a remnant of Hershey’s from the summer’s S’more stock, it could be Oreo crumbs in the bottom of the empty package (who put the empty package BACK in the cupboard, people?!) You can feeeel it. There must … [continue]

What I Know Now About Running is the Key to Having it All

what I know now about running is the key to having it all

At some point, people stopped asking me if I hoped for a new PR when I signed up for a race. My inner circle of running sisters know I have slowed down. They know that life is just so thick and full right now that just showing up for a training run and making it to the starting line is … [continue]

How to Get Through the Bad Patches: In Life and on the Trail

This article first appeared in OutdoorsNW, an adventure, travel, and recreation magazine for outdoorsy types in the beautiful Northwest. See my other articles here. Five minutes before the start of the McKenzie River Trail 50K a few years ago, I stood in a porta-potty line adjusting my hydration pack, retying my shoes, and checking my gel supply (again). Suddenly, I … [continue]

One Tip Wednesday: How to boldly go where you’ve never gone before

Did you know there’s a creative person out there making Star Trek running gear? You’re probably thinking, “Oh no! Tech gear with too-short sleeves and high-water pants in that gawdy gold colored who-shot-the-couch fabric!” But they are nothing like that. They are super cute! What seemed like a silly combo turned out pretty cool. Because the designers decided to boldly … [continue]