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How does running make me a better parent?

I was at a violin recital last night for a friend’s kiddo. After dinner and the lovely music, the kids went upstairs to play and the 5 remaining adults drank wine and let the conversation get grown-up. We talked about travel and music and our favorite books and, yes,  it devolved into silliness which is so important for parents who … [continue]

• motherhood: relentless forward progress

Well, the progress part has yet to be determined. Hmmm, ok, that’s not exactly true. My kids are saying please and thank you (almost) automatically now. That part only took 6-8 years. That’s progress right? And it wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t relentless, right? You get the idea. The correlation between parenting and the staple of  ultra running mantras, … [continue]

• build a base; in running and in friendship

First, I’d like to say Happy New Year and thanks for all the great fun, feedback and running fellowship you’ve given me. Not to mention the laughs and support of my business. I’m having sooo much fun meeting new people online and on the trail and enjoying some wonderful new relationships. This last year has been great for building the … [continue]