A Runner’s 5-Step Plan for Spring Cleaning & Gear Check (with my favorites)

5-Step spring clean

I’m on a mission. My goal is to put new contact paper in all my kitchen drawers and cupboards before summer. I do a drawer or two a week in between the crazy. I did my favorite drawer first; my tea box drawer. It’s like a magical wardrobe to Narnia. I can just pull open the drawer, gaze at all … [continue]

[Live Video] How to avoid trail running injuries


This is a good one, I have to say. This video is like a mini-training on strengthening, technique and tools to help beginners avoid trail running injuries. It’s jam-packed with super practical tips. I chat about the reality of getting scuffed up a bit  – but that’s because you are an adventurer!! And I also cover three main topic areas … [continue]

[Live Video] How to kill trail running’s Mile Munching Monster. Or, am I really that slow?

fb live mile monster

Here’s my latest Facebook LIVE video!  This week we’re gonna slay that Mile Munching Monster that lives in your Garmin or GPS. You know the one…. You get to the top of a trail hill or take a break, look at your watch and say, “Oh man! I’ve only gone 3 miles in the last hour?” The Mile Muncher has … [continue]

[Live Video] Afraid of trying Trail Running? Here’s ONE solution to fix that (and you already know how to use it)


I am SO happy to be on Facebook Live this week talking about what holds us back when it comes to adventure. I’ll help you get over your fear of trying trail running with ONE awesome solution. The cool part is that you already know how alllll about this handy trick. After years of leading a running group, I’ve helped … [continue]

5 Strategies to Become a Kick-Butt Rester

fb live become a rester

  Head over to the Run Momma Run Facebook Page to Watch me chat up how to rest on Facebook LIVE Less is more. I find myself saying this often. About many things. It’s one of those pieces of “zen” advice that I wish I could follow all the time. It can be applied to many things, like…. Stressing about … [continue]

[ Running Hills Series Part 3 ] It’s all downhill from here, baby

downhill from here

 Welcome to part 3 of my 3-part series on hill running Squeeeee! It’s time to soak up the view at the top, rest those calves a bit and talk about the downhill. But I have a little surprise for you; I learned the most about running downhill from a different sport. Oh, but hang on…In case you missed it, here … [continue]

[Running Hills Series Part 2 ] Bumping up the hill skills

Running Hills pt 2

Welcome to part 2 of my 3-part series on hill running Oh, I’m so excited you’re here for part 2! In case you missed it, here is part one. Let’s dive deeper into more practical tips to getting up and over those mental (and actual) hurdles. Last week I did a myth-buster post where we chatted about how much we … [continue]

[Running Hills Series Part 1 ] Let’s bust a myth, shall we?

Running Hills pt 1

Running up and down hills is just part of a trail runner’s lifestyle, right? That quad-burning, breathless sweat torture is what we eat, sleep and dream of, am I wrong? Some of us momma trail runners get their climb on between potty training, scrambling eggs, 5th-grade word problems and the 9 to 5. We must love it! * Loud-screechy-tire-skidding-braking-sound * … [continue]

What is trail running?


Today’s trail run was brought to you by that big, glowing orange ball. Here in Eugene, Oregon, we joke about not being able to identify that big, glowing orange ball in the sky when it shows up periodically throughout May. This year, just when we had almost forgot that the sun existed at all, THERE it is. Bam! Gorgeous! But … [continue]