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My running partner and I were cruising at a nice, easy pace on Pre’s Trail in Eugene, noting the his and her pink and blue canoes we saw overturned on someone’s lawn across the sparkling water of the Wilamette River. “Dibs on the pink one I said” It was shortly after 6:00 am and we were headed out for an early 5 miler, happy to start the day with crisp air,  beautiful views and each other’s company. We have talked many times about our growing up experiences, where we’ve lived, where we went to school, people, places, faces. Eugene has many memories for both of us.

After fantasizing about living on the river with canoes painted our favorite colors, we ran quietly, just listening to our breath when a familiar figure approached on his bicycle. His beard was long and gray as was his hair. His bike trailer filled to the brim with “the funniest jokes books on earth” strapped shut with a bungy chord. He smiled and went by us worldlessly. “Does he get any older?”, Leah asked me? “Nope” I said. And we continued on, glancing at the ducks floating by in the canal.

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