Want to try trail running, but don't know where to start? Join the (totally free!) Trail Running Jumpstart eCourse

The (free!) Trail Running Jumpstart eCourse

If you dream of running beautiful trails, breathing in the smell of wildflowers, and growing stronger as your feet take you to places you’ve never been… then this (free!) email course is for you!

Because you might not be sure where start, or what you need, or maybe how to muster up the confidence to get out there and try it.

You have questions like:

  • What about shoes and clothes?
  • What about food and water?
  • How do I get up and over those hills?
  • What if I’m a total beginner?

Oh, I hear ya! I had all of these questions when I started trail running. That’s why I created this Trail Running Jumpstart eCourse just for beginners! It’s your ticket to trail running with confidence!

Here’s what you’ll get…

tree_bullet_sm_1A big ol’ set of tools & tips to get you started on your trail running journey

tree_bullet_sm_1Answers to your questions about shoes, clothes, and fueling

tree_bullet_sm_1The secret to becoming a confident trail runner

tree_bullet_sm_1Inspiration to explore & enjoy trail running in beautiful places

Yes! More of that, please