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[Live Video] How to kill trail running’s Mile Munching Monster. Or, am I really that slow?

Here’s my latest Facebook LIVE video!  This week we’re gonna slay that Mile Munching Monster that lives in your Garmin or GPS. You know the one…. You get to the top of a trail hill or take a break, look at your watch and say, “Oh man! I’ve only gone 3 miles in the last hour?” The Mile Muncher has struck again! Then you smack your watch, look again, feel defeated, think about how molassesly slow you are and THEN do the worst thing… try to make up for lost miles.

I won’t let that happen to you!

Hop on the video to find out how to slay that Mile Munching Monster in 3 steps and learn a SUPER important term that will help you realize your getting stronger, faster and smarter on every trail run.

OH – and see if you can spot my Kryptonite blooper. I really need to brush up on my super hero terminology!

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