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One Tip Wednesday: Are You Faking it?

Moms know when there is leftover chocolate in the cupboard. It could be the last tidbit of a chocolate-dipped Biscotti, it could be a remnant of Hershey’s from the summer’s S’more stock, it could be Oreo crumbs in the bottom of the empty package (who put the empty package BACK in the cupboard, people?!) You can feeeel it. There must be a tiny bit somewhere because it’s been a loooong day and all you need is just one square….AHA! Leftover Hershey’s it is and POP it goes into your mouth.

Enter, the child.

“What’cha got, momma?”


How well can you fake the “I don’t have chocolate in my mouth” moment?

I consider myself an expert. Because, after all, I’m a runner and runners are really good at faking it. I’m not talking about moral-shattering things like short cutting a race or lying about a distance or time record. I’m not pretending that Gummie vitamins are kinda like Shotblocks and so I should take a few on my run, just in case.

I’m talking about injury.

When runners get injured, they pretend they’re NOT. They fake not limp, they fake not feeling pain, they fake that the nagging niggly tightening torment that is their foot or knee or quad is just fine thank you very much. And when I say “they” I mean “me”. Because I have soooo been an awesome faker.

And that’s why I have also perfected the skill of fake resting. But fake resting or truly taking a break from running when you are injured shouldn’t be something you fake. Why? Because it will be a longer haul to get back out there on the trail and that’s the LAST thing you want.

the TIP: Stop fake resting & find your #RunnerSelfCare

Wait, so you mean a 20-mile bike ride when my ankle is injured is not resting? Um, no, that’s fake resting. So is hiking a mountain with an injured back or starting up a Pilates program with a calf pull because you don’t want to lose fitness. (I am pulling these examples out of thin air.)

You might have seen my new hashtag on Instagram (come find me!) #RunnerSelfCare because I think there’s hope for fake resters everywhere!

What is #RunnerSelfCare?

  • It’s taking a breath and asking yourself what you really need. Oh, then answering honestly.
  • It’s discovering that all the good things you do for yourself helps your running life.
  • It’s noticing the small, beautiful things that fill you up because running does that, too, and THAT feeling will keep you going when you’re injured.

Some examples, please

the WHY

Because contrary to what your evil running twin will tell you, resting so you can heal is PART OF TRAINING. It’s part of being a runner.

I would love to hear your ideas for #RunnerSelfCare. Head over to Instagram and rest with the best of us!

I believe in the true-to-you self,

PSSSSST – Here’s a little secret; you don’t have to be injured to dive into #RunnerSelfCare. It’s what you should be doing whenever you can. Indulge! Because there’s always one more square of chocolate in the cupboard if you look hard enough.

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