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One Tip Wednesday: For when life is hard, you guys

Oh, a momma’s heart is a tender thing. And when the babies are hurting or scared or turning into teenagers that know not what they do to our tender hearts (or their own hearts), life gets hard.

I’m so very proud and in love with my kids, but this touchy tween-teen thing is not for the faint of heart. They are trying on independence and confidence one minute then want to cuddle and read picture books the next (and that part is just fine with me thank you very much). They are brilliant for doing this, as Dr. Lisa Damour points out in Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls Through The Seven Transitions into Adulthood. They are easing themselves in the next stage in fits and starts and that totally makes sense.

Except when I can’t keep up and the soup of negotiation and parenting (or over-parenting as the case may be) gets thick and gloppy and there are too many cooks in the kitchen…..

What’s a runner momma to do?

Run, of course. But also miss deadlines, like this One Tip Wednesday. Sorry it’s late. My brain and heart runneth over. So I’ll tell ya what….

the TIP: For when life is hard, you guys – go get your comforts and pile them on yourself.

Here’s a list of some of my go-to comfies. I’m including links to some of them so you can borrow any as you see fit.

I also like to read or watch videos about running (especially if I don’t have time for a run). I’ve written a few you might like to add to your list if you need some running mojo vibes like:

the WHY

Because as they say in the flight safety briefing, you should put your own oxygen mask on before helping others with theirs.

And, yes, it’s so hard when there are zero minutes to make something good for yourself happen sometimes. On days like that, I try to look at a beautiful thing, which doesn’t require doing anything but looking. It could be a backyard flower from my kitchen window view, the steam rising out of my coffee cup, the colors of yarn in my crochet basket, or the faces of my kiddos as I watch them growing up to be their amazing selves.

Find your comforts. And, of course, I believe in you!

I would love to hear what your go-to comforts are so I can freshen up my own list. Share with us in the comments below.

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