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One Tip Wednesday: Get it in gear

Hey hey! This is your One Tip Wednesday: your weekly dose of runner momma mojo, delivered right to your cozy inbox.

This tip comes to you from a routine-lovin’ girl. When my schedule feels overwhelming, as it does on too many mornings, I know routine has got my back. Coffee, email, more coffee, run, shower, eat, kids…. It’s a great routine right up until the “kids” part, then things get a little hairy, but you get the idea.

the TIP: Get it in gear routine

Both of my kids play instruments. My son plays piano, my daughter plays violin. One of the best routines I put in place last year is their monthly instrument cleaning. I set up a recurring event on my iCal and it chimes a little reminder on my phone the first Monday of every month. The kids grab their cleaning cloths and tidy up their keys and strings. It’s a quick way to turn their focus from practice time, to TLC time for their equipment.

So, in appreciation of routine, do the same for your running gear. At the beginning of every month (or every season if you’d like and hey, it’s spring!), take a quick look at your gear closet and drawers.

  • Check headlamp batteries
  • Inventory Gu, Gels, and fueling snacks
  • Inspect socks for holes
  • Give your water bottles a good wash up
  • Swap out clothes as the weather changes
  • Restock foot scrub and anti-chafe balm like Glide
  • Add some post-run bath salts to your shopping list
  • Check your shoe mileage

the WHY:

Making this gear check a routine is important for you and your sport.

  • Having the right clothes ready keeps you from digging for those T-shirts when the weather finally warms up
  • If you’re out early, safety in the dark is of utmost importance
  • Making sure you’ve got the right food and clothes at hand, sets you up for the next training cycle
  • Taking a few minutes to give some TLC to the gear that keeps you doing what you love helps bolster that commitment

Bonus: If you’re a trail runner, consider the upcoming seasonal gear needs. Treat yourself to fewer blisters with a new pair of gators. Or, perhaps it’s time to invest in a bladder backpack for those long runs.

Your running time is yours! It’s what you love, it keeps you sane, it keeps you fit. Take care of what you love. Nourish it like it does you.

That’s it. Easy-peasy. See you next week!

If you want to read more about spring cleaning, gear checking, and some of my favorite accessories, take a peak at my longer post about that here.

Do you have any running routines or favorite spring accessories? I’d love to hear, so comment below.

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