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One Tip Wednesday: How to boldly go where you’ve never gone before

Did you know there’s a creative person out there making Star Trek running gear? You’re probably thinking, “Oh no! Tech gear with too-short sleeves and high-water pants in that gawdy gold colored who-shot-the-couch fabric!”

But they are nothing like that. They are super cute! What seemed like a silly combo turned out pretty cool. Because the designers decided to boldly go where they had never gone before.

And you should, too!

A big thanks to Amy, a member of our Trail Running Community for Women, for today’s tip inspiration. She suggested we talk about how to boldly prepare for hitting a new trail.

Of course, half the battle of running new single track is getting over the fear of the unknown. But we all know that knowledge is power, so the prep makes all the difference in conquering that fear.

the TIP: How to boldly go where you’ve never gone before – perfect the prep

Sure, it’s thrilling to discover a new trail and hop on without too much time for worry to set in. But there’s still plenty of newy-goodness to be had AND be worry-free and more comfortable with some simple planning.

Things to consider before exploring a new trail:

  • Reach Out: Talk with other runners about your destination. Check trail reviews on blogs or forums. Ask runners local to the new area (from a specialty running or outdoor store) what the best trails are.
  • Map It: Look at Google maps and print your trail route or check out trail races in the area. Sometimes their course route PDF is perfect for you to explore a new trail. Keep the map in your pocket.
  • Check Temps: Look at the weather forecast for at least an extra hour longer than you plan to be out and for the destination area (not just the temperature gauge outside your window). Hills, a slightly longer trail, or running slower means you might be out longer than planned.
  • Take Extras: Consider taking an extra layer tied around your waist if unexpected chilly weather creeps up on you. In the summer, grab that stick sunscreen should you find yourself on exposed trails.
  • Go Boldly: You’re a runner. A trail runner!  There is a certain level of confidence you already poses if you’re taking on that adventure. Stay in that confidence zone, in that experience mindset. Remembering your strengths will help you go for it! (If you haven’t hit the trails in a while or you’re a newbie, this video might help.)


the WHY

Because regrets. I have had many…. those days when I have talked myself out of trying a new trail with self talk like:

  • It’s probably too hard.
  • It might be all uphill.
  • I might get lost.

But if you say to yourself, I might have a fabulous time and regret not going…. you’ll probably go home with another piece of yourself. Another dose of bravery, another dollop of kick-butt-ness, another helping of confidence.

And joy! Yes, more of that, please!

Of course, I believe in your boldness!

Tell me in the comments below what gets you over the fear fence and out the door on a new trail?

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