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One Tip Wednesday: How to Heal All the Parts

Hey there!

So, we all know that runners are super super talented at getting inured, right? Trust me, I’m a pro at it. I think it’s the only thing I’m getting better at with age. Except maybe piecrust. My grandmother would be proud of my chicken pot piecrust from last night.


What I’m not so good at is healing. Sure, with enough time and the occasional  physical therapy, my body will repair common runner maladies. Other injuries take a loooong time. But to be a good healer is so much harder for me than being a good runner. Let’s talk about what it takes to be a good healer.

the TIP: How to heal all the parts

The most important thing to know about healing is that it’s not just about the body repairing. It’s about the whole enchilada–the entire YOU–body, mind, and spirit (or soul, or magic, or whatever that thing is that sends you a rainbow out your car window right when you need one).

It’s a good thing there is so much healing to do while you wait on the body to heal because, as Tom taught us, the waiting is the hardest part. So, here’s how to take care of the entire YOU and heal all the parts:

  • (Body) Focus on all the other body things that are crucial to your running like those darn veggies, 15 minutes more sleep each night, stretching the parts you never stretch, cross-training, that arm flab (please tell me I’m not the only one).
  • (Mind) Trust. This might be my weakest area. Every time my knee gives me a little twinge or my butt hurts after a long run, I forget to trust that if I continue to take care of myself, rest when I should, I can keep being a runner. Trust.
  • (Spirit) Reach out. This is the most fun one, but still hard to remember to do. Soooo many of my pals are runners, so when I’m not running, I tend to get a little mopey and have to remind myself that friends are critical to my healing even if I’m not out running with them. Call your peeps, text them, have them meet you for a walk, a coffee, a pity-party, a reality check, a laugh. I wrote a big post about this. You can read it here.

the WHY: Because your running self is more than footsteps

Running touches all parts of your life; it keeps you healthy, it keeps you sane, it makes you an athlete, it feeds you in special ways that are unique to you. Extra sleep, five minutes alone, kale salad, yoga, a brewski on the back deck, tea with friends….these are all part of a successful and meaningful running life.

So keep healing all the parts. Healthy vibes going out to you!

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I would love to know your favorite healing idea, recipe, rant…whatever. Let me in the comments below.

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