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One Tip Wednesday: The secret to making it happen (and a BIG reveal)

There is so much hard stuff in life.

My friend and I were on a trail run the other day (you know, where you talk about the deepest, hardest stuff) and we were wondering why so many people in our lives are being stricken by cancer and death, failing bodies, moving-away children, hurting hearts. Is it simply because we are getting older? Maybe. These things have been happening as long as all the good things have been happening. It just feels so close now. It’s in our inner circles. The world (a.k.a. our biggest circle), is, of course, feeling lots of hurt, too. It’s just not what I was planning on thinking so much about at this time in my life.

But we rarely plan for the bad. We mostly–if we’re lucky–plan for the good. We make vacation plans, summer plans, dinner plans. Plans to hook up, plans to go out.

One of the reasons we plan for the good is so that when those darned test results come back, or when that job doesn’t work out, or when the last birdie leaves the nest, we know how to keep going. We know there are things to look forward to. So we practice planning good stuff all of our lives.

We keep blowing on the embers of hope and happy times. And that’s a good thing because planning makes it happen.

Planning grows gardens and throws surprise parties. Planning gets us out the door with our running shoes on. Planning gets us to the starting line.

the TIP: The secret to making it happen-make a plan for the good stuff

I’m super blessed with lots of good stuff in my life. One of them is trail running and there’s a healthy amount of planning that goes into it (some would say obsessive and I’m OK with that).

So plan it, baby. Sit yourself down, buckle up, and get that good stuff on paper!

  • Plan your life around running
  • Get your family on board
  • Budget the heck out of new gear
  • Set realistic, but powerful goals
  • Show up

the WHY (and the BIG reveal)

Because pen and paper go waaaaay back and those two little instruments know that writing down intention and planning gets sh*t done. Because running’s insanity-curing powers are important to you and everyone else around you.

Because your love of running is who you are.

And because my love of running and planning have collided like peanut butter and chocolate, I’m launching the Trail Running Lifestyle Planning Bundle in a few weeks. (Queue the Brene-Brown-vulnerable-excited jitters!)

The Trail Running Lifestyle Planning Bundle is a step-by-step guide to ditch the doubt and grab the tools and confidence you need to plan adventures for your beautiful self and make them happen.

  • It’s great for beginners
  • Perfect for a comeback to running
  • What you need to nail trail running this summer

Here’s a sneak peek… I was using it to plan my next adventure in September. Squeee!

I’m releasing the Trail Running Lifestyle Planning Bundle to our little family of trail running peeps first over in the Trail Running Community for Women Facebook Group so hop over there if you want to be the first to learn more and get it hot off the press.

Let’s plan for the good stuff together. Because Pooh needs Piglet and I believe in you! More deets coming soon.

In the meantime…. tell me what would help you with running plans in the comments below.

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