[Running Hills Series Part 2 ] Bumping up the hill skills

Running Hills pt 2

Welcome to part 2 of my 3-part series on hill running Oh, I’m so excited you’re here for part 2! In case you missed it, here is part one. Let’s dive deeper into more practical tips to getting up and over those mental (and actual) hurdles. Last week I did a myth-buster post where we chatted about how much we … [continue]

[Running Hills Series Part 1 ] Let’s bust a myth, shall we?

Running Hills pt 1

Running up and down hills is just part of a trail runner’s lifestyle, right? That quad-burning, breathless sweat torture is what we eat, sleep and dream of, am I wrong? Some of us momma trail runners get their climb on between potty training, scrambling eggs, 5th-grade word problems and the 9 to 5. We must love it! * Loud-screechy-tire-skidding-braking-sound * … [continue]

Running Quotes and Motivation Image Gallery

running inspiration

How’s your mojo? Your spunk level? Your kickbuttness? Need some running motivation, inspiration or maybe a little diversion before you head out on your run? Yes, please!

Here’s some of my little creatives that I hope give you chuckle or a zip in your day. You can mouse-over them and share on your favorite social site or with a friend who needs a lift. If you want to make sure to catch these right when they are published, connect with me on the RMR Facebook Page.  Enjoy!


too old to play mud          train_best_you

love you bunches           keep moving

so much clarity          Dwell

adorbs           The beautiful view at the top

ass_arm_swim      fartlek

be_like_emma           Running Friends

with a new day          you are doing a freaking great job

joey         hills_call_me




ecard_speedwork ecard_suzy



The sun shinesnot_until_lost












What is trail running?


Today’s trail run was brought to you by that big, glowing orange ball. Here in Eugene, Oregon, we joke about not being able to identify that big, glowing orange ball in the sky when it shows up periodically throughout May. This year, just when we had almost forgot that the sun existed at all, THERE it is. Bam! Gorgeous! But … [continue]

How to reach out to running friends for support when you’re not running


“Friends help heal things.” This little gem of a thought came to me yesterday after I spent an hour with a friend who met me at 5:30am to jog an ever-so-slow 2 miles around the track. Time that I sooooo much needed. Of course, the next thought that came to my mind was, “DUH, of course friends help you heal, … [continue]

Top 10 Trail Running Tips for Beginners


These 10 trail running tips for beginners  are guaranteed to get you ready to play, boost your confidence and give you the tools and tips you need to enjoy the amazing adventures of trail running – today!  I love running trails all year. Each season offers new paths, new views and new journeys. One of my favorite things about trail … [continue]

The Best Piece of Trail Running Gear is a New Mindset


When people ask me what I like about trail running, I usually tell them that I love running in nature, the varied terrain, and that the conditions are always changing. This is what makes running trails so fun, surprising and challenging. But, here’s a little secret I don’t often mention to people. I hated trail running when I first tried … [continue]

[Video] 3 Goals to Have a Great Race Day that Have Nothing to do with Time

3 Goals for a Great Race Day

If you run races, you probably make race goals, especially related to your time. It’s almost hard NOT to make a time goal, even if it’s a secret one that you make in your head. (Tell me you’ve done that too so I don’t fee alone there.) Anyway, I LOVE making goals that are not related to time because they … [continue]

5 Delicious Fall Soups with 1 Quick Recipe


I am one lucky mother. Seriously. I’m not sure how it happened, but my kids love soup. Their favorite is cream of whatever. Of course, being the calorie-conscious mom, I never include the delectable ingredient; cream. The soups are creamy nonetheless, very very tasty and are the perfect vegetable delivery system for my kids. I make soup at least once … [continue]