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What I Learned from Following-Literally-in the Footsteps of My Trail Running Guru

 This article first appeared in OutdoorsNW, an adventure, travel, and recreation magazine for outdoorsy types in the beautiful Northwest. The only reason I decided to get up early on a bleak and frigid winter morning to run up the trails of Mt. Pisgah while the rest of Eugene was snuggled in bed was because my trail running friend, Susan, asked … [continue]

One Tip Wednesday: In a rut? Time to kick butt!

We’ve all been there. Those days that you feel very “un-runner-ish.” You wonder why you ever started. Ugh. Running. Who needs it? Those days when almost anything sounds better than running. You’re excited to clean up last night’s dirty dinner dishes instead of lacing up and heading outside. You start tidying up your inbox, reading junk mail, pairing socks. Anything … [continue]

One Tip Wednesday: My Favorite Accessory 12 Ways

Back in 1995, my then-husband of 12 years came home one day and announced he was leaving. Like forever. (Insert horribly heartbroken year here.) At the end of that extremely sad year, I decided I needed to go on an adventure that was bigger than me. Bigger than my sorrow. Something so big and all-consuming that it would push me … [continue]

One Tip Wednesday: A Little Something Extra

This tip comes to you from someone who might have just finished a 20-mile trail race and is eating A LOT! Along with sore muscles, a race comes with what I like to call the  “Open Fridge Hall Pass” for a day or so (OK, maybe more than a day). Sure, there are extra sugar nibbles, but mostly I indulge … [continue]