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Roasted Vegetable Recipes

A rainbow of color with endless possibilities
Seems to me the prettiest foods are the simplest. And, of course, we’re all trying to eat our healthy “rainbows”, right? Lately, I’ve found that roasting up a big ol’ pan of veggies on Sundays is the perfect way to start the meal planning for the week. Since moms (and dads) know that we often cook up 2-3 meals a night or one meal with 4 variations when we have little ones, starting with something that can be flexible helps. As recovery food, they can’t be beat. Add them to sandwhiches, soups or rice and pasta for any quick lunch or even breakfast after your morning workout.

Here’s how I work these puppies into meals…

You can cut up whatever veggies you have left in the fridge, spray them with organic canola oil or drizzle lightly with olive oil, add salt, pepper, a little thyme and/or garlic and roast on 375-400 till they are a bit al dente. Then you can…

  • Stick ’em in omelettes  for the perfecto recovery breakfast
  • Zap them in the food processor for a couple seconds and add them to rice, orzo, couscous or your favorite grain for a quick roasted veg pilaf
  • Add 1/2 to 1 Cup to the blender and mix with spaghetti sauce for a richer flavor and hidden veggies for kiddo sauce
  • Blend with enchilada sauce or chop and add to enchilada filling
  • Cut into smaller pieces and add to chili or a simple rice-based soup
  • Pick out your child’s favorites (or the only one he’ll eat), re-heat as a dinner side
  • Warm them, lay on a bed of greens with a little goat cheese, sprinkle with vinaigrette, then die and go to heaven
  • Use them in this Moroccan Medley Salad
  • Stick ’em on toast when you’re flying out the door
  • Cut down on meat and cheese a bit and add to nachos when baking
  • Make week night veggie fajitas
  • Veggie grilled cheese
  • Use to top pizzas and/or blend into pizza sauce
  • Chop and mix in with your favorite salsa
  • Eat them hot out of the oven. Of course, “as is” is awesome!

I know there’s a million more things you can do with these beauties. What are your ideas?


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