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• “pull your head out,” my coach says

“Yeah, I’m talking to you!” I say, as I look at myself in the mirror. Big smirk. Eye roll. Furrowed brow. “Seriously, pull your head out.” This is the only pep talk that works sometimes. (This and a sweet email from my running partner who knows my running psyche oh so well.) I can be a whiner. Full disclosure; I … [continue]

• it’s bidness time – but could you crack a smile?

Today’s run was just for me. I haven’t run in 3 days (slight knee tweak from trail run on Saturday) and I was starting to feel gross. You know that feeling? It’s like the cells in your body are caked with gunk and they’re just not awake like on the days when you run.  Plus I was getting PMSy and … [continue]

• speed work clinic week 1

Who shows up at 6:00am to do a track workout mid-week, some short on sleep with little babies at home?  (One gal got 2 hours of sleep after returning from a concert in Portland at 3:00 am)  RUNNER MOMMAS, that’s who! I feel so validated for my crazy obsession with running when I see others out there in the wee … [continue]