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• sweet solo running

For all the running I do with friends, I love my solo days. For me, they come in two varieties: 1. The days I plan to run myself: These are mid-week runs in which I plan to hit the road or trails alone. I mostly look forward to these, but sometimes they are about getting mileage in and feel a … [continue]

• gettin’ girlier: eugene women’s half race report

I Run Like a Girl I’m thinking it’s never too late to get girlier. That’s a word, right? I’m not one for product home-parties, long appointments at the spa or fancy drinks with umbrellas. I was never a ‘pink’ wearer (except for that stint in 5th grade when I was sporting tight pink Dittos pants with the upside-down U over … [continue]

• eugene women’s half preview fun, i mean run

Perfect temp of 62 degrees, cool breeze Empty (runnable) streets of downtown Eugene Chatty group of running women Lots of friends and people I’ve been wanting to run with Super friendly directors Big o’ batch of mimosas waiting for us at the finish Now that’s the way to start a morning!  The Eugene Women’s Half Preview Run was super fun … [continue]