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• 7:20 is the new 4:20

Leah, Chelsea, Tanya, Deb and Tara sportin their runner's high!
As evidenced by most of my blog posts and FB chatter, I love my running buddies and I love yappin it up with coffee after a good run. Thanksgiving was fantastic because it started off just this way with a gorgeous morning run on the river trail with 3 of my BRFFs (best running friends forever). More BRFFs showed up for coffee after our run on the way to their Turkey Trot. So there we sat sipping coffee; 6 women doing what they love, sans kids, endorphins raging. Caffeine was the high on high.

Then came the aha moment. An epiphany on a holiday? That beats eggnog on Easter.

We’ve all talked about runner’s high, but I finally figured out WHY it’s so good. Sitting around with girlfriends, after working up a good sweat, forgetting what time it is, everyone on the same ‘page’, responsibility-free, just for a while – it makes us feel like we did when life was simple and friends were foremost. College or high school days, hanging out on the lawn. Timeless togetherness. The good hair days when we were more concerned with which jeans looked good on our waist than which jeans have the elastic button waist for our 4 year olds. Easily passing the time…and maybe passing something else.

So I declare 7:20am to be the new 4:20pm because it was about that time the four of us were watching the sunrise on the Willamette River as we crossed over it on the Autzen Foot bridge, heading back toward the coffee house and the warmth of  post-run conversation. It felt more intimate because it was Thanksgiving morning and we had, for a few hours, escaped the kids, the turkey prep, the table-setting and the in-laws. And heck, with a few extra miles, those jeans still look pretty good!

2 thoughts on “• 7:20 is the new 4:20

  1. There’s a lot to be said for that runner’s high. I think that’s why I keep running everyday—it makes me feel happy the rest of the day!

    This was a very happy post! : )

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