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• coffee, tea, soda-pop, pee

My business partner and I at Dive In Designs (my other job) have been chatting lately about things we remember from elementary school. I remembered playing red rover and she remembers playing kick the can. I also remember a little song we used to sing before selecting which drinking fountain to sip out of after recess. It was kinda like eeny, meeny, miny, moe, but you pointed to the 4 drinking fountain heads and said, “coffee, tea, soda-pop, pee.” Of course, whatever fountain was dubbed “pee” was never drank from. Ok, I guess you had to be there. Anyway, it made me think about how my kids love that kind of silly stuff, but take it so seriously. I mean, they would probably get out the scotch tape and tape up  a drinking fountain if they thought pee came out of it. Where is this going? Sometimes silly things are of great importance. Are there any in our adult lives….like, oh, I don’t know, in our running routines perhaps?

Ok, me first…

  1. I have to put all my running gear on in the same order each time I head out.
  2. If I drink caffeinated coffee before a run, it can only be 2 ounces exactly or I start to freak out that I’m going to freak out.
  3. I have to tuck the little plastic ends of my laces under another lace when I tie my shoes or it pokes me on the leg on long runs and makes a bloody dot, which, of course, I think OTHER people think is a shaving nick and how gross is that?
  4. I only wear my super-hot-head-hat when it’s below 32 degrees, not 33 degrees or higher and I always check the temp first on my iPhone weather app and on weather.com (and sometimes again on my outside thermometer).
  5. I always check to make sure I’m not wearing my running pants inside-out because (hi Katie!) I did that once and was disgusted at the thought that I had just run  around my busy neighborhood with my cotton crotch flashing people like a white-tailed deer headed down the sidewalk.
  6. I –and this one is very serious– ONLY eat stinky cheese, my all-time favorite food, after I’ve done at least a 10 miler.

Ok, now you….!

5 thoughts on “• coffee, tea, soda-pop, pee

  1. i potty at least 3 times before i leave, b/c i’m always afraid i’ll have to go as soon as i’m 3/4 mile away from the house.,
    i have to have my garmin or i feel lost.
    i also check the weather on weather.com, even if i know what it’s like so that i’ll know how miserable i’ll be when there is a stinkin north wind blowing!!
    after every run, i make myself a protein shake. it may or may not be mental, but i always feel so much better and am less likely to eat like a pro football player the rest of the day!
    not me, but my kids: my daughter always has to give me a kiss goodbye and my son has to cry b/c he doesn’t want me to go!!

  2. I love number 5–how funny! For me, it’s making sure I am all “cleared out,” that’s for sure. I’m also weather obsessed–I want to nail my clothing choice every time; not too hot, not too cold!

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