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• cut the crap, just gimme the good stuff!

A solid tempo run really gets me fired up. Makes me wanna yell, “Cut the crap, just gimme the good stuff.” You know,  runner’s high. That sorta unrealistic, rose-colored, over-positive feeling? Makes me want the best of everything. Makes me give people the benefit of the doubt. Makes me demand goodness, clean air and world peace.

It also makes me…

  1. Wanna eat really healthy, like Euell Gibbons healthy (yeah, I remember those commercials, so what?)
  2. Drive to work a bit too fast
  3. Be ok with singing really loud to Poison on the radio in the car
  4. Call in my order of coffee and oatmeal to Vero Cafe even tho I will be there in like 3 minutes.
  5. Repeatedly engage in conversation with young-angst-crazy guy on the street about why smiling is a good thing
  6. Not care that my email inbox runneth over
  7. Do yoga at the office
  8. Eat my lunch before 11:00
  9. Wanna go for another run today even though it would kick my butt
  10. Register for my first Ultra! Chtyeah, baby, you heard me, cut the crap and gimme the good stuff!

I guess I’m in it for the long haul! Siskiyou Outback 50K here I come…

5 thoughts on “• cut the crap, just gimme the good stuff!

  1. I’m still tying my shoelaces and you’re half way across the state…….that’s my dude girl…..xoxo Eat cake………it’s my bday.

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