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• eugene marathon kick-off party 2012

Looking at the course map is always a bit of a reality check. Yep, 26.2 is a looooong way.

Time flies. Wasn’t it just a few months ago folks were running the Eugene Marathon? And now they are signing up to race and beginning their training again. Wahoo! Signing up for a race is an exciting day. The Eugene Marathon had their annual kick off party this morning at the Eugene Running Company and there was definitely a buzz in the air. It was part, “yeck, yeah, let’s do this thing!” and part, “oh, man, what did I just do?” Either way, it’s a jazzed feeling and the beginning of a kick-butt commitment to run and train. I am so lucky to have been witness to so many smiling, runner faces registering for a great race. The Eugene Marathon puts on an amazing weekend filled with a kid’s run, 5K, half and full marathon. The course is primarily flat, fast, full of loud spectators and that fabulous Tracktown energy…. you could feel it today!

Thanks to those who stopped by the booth to check out and pick up some runner items and everyone I got to chat with. Lots of free hugs happening!

Yep, we had the RMR goodies there today. As well as our fun winery event slideshow. It was fun having people come by and see themselves. Y'all are so cute!
Tate, super momma and ultra runner, works for the Eugene Marathon. She was doin it all today!
A Thursday regular to the RMR group, another Laura! I got to meet her sweet family today too.
Of course, OTC was represented. Become a member - great local and runner bennies!
Danuta and I got a good chat in where she confessed to me her latest running goal. I'm keeping it a secret.
I love Natalie's smile, but she was wearing some really slick boots. I wish I would have gotten a photo of those too! She was our winery run & brunch speaker - great to see her again today!
Terri, in the middle, was a recent customer, but I can't say more than that because recipients of those goodies are in the photos. Ssshhh...it's holiday time.

Thanks for making my weekend you fab runners! Keep me posted on how training goes on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear updates!

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