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• good things come in twos

LuckyIf bad things are said to come in threes, good things come in twos. We all know the ‘terrible twos’ is a myth. Any mom will tell ya it’s the 3s that will suck your will to live. You know I love a good list, so here’s my lucky list of twos…

1. I have two houses. One is our family home; the other is an old, small rental. It’s directly across the street and, secretly, I think my husband and I hold on to it for sentimental reasons. Sure, it’s a great investment, but when things get crazy, we can look across the street and remember planning our wedding in that house, planning a family, planting our first garden.

2. I have two kids, the bestest ones ever, of course. They compliment each other well. Jack (6) is a numbers, no nonsense man. He does 3rd grade math, can smoke 5th graders in chess and, when he’s not doing one of those things, spends time counting his money. (I’m hoping he’s going to help me with retirement). May (3) is all girl. She’s artsy, articulate and prone to spontaneous dancing and made-up-song recitals.

3. I have had two husbands. Number two is by far the best. The first was extremely self-centered and had too much of a fondness for big-busted size 2s, which is not me. In contrast, Bill is Mr. Giving. He’s the dad who will play games with the kids for hours on end, folds laundry and texts me love notes.

4. I have two businesses. Dive In Designs feeds my list-making side. Lots of project management and brainy-techy stuff. Run Momma Run feeds my passion for running, which, of course, feeds everything else in my life.

5. I have two passions for running; the road and the trail. There is nothing like pounding out quick miles at an even, steady pace through neighborhoods, downtown on a pre-dawn morning or on the gorgeous 12-mile river path loop around Eugene. The trail is a different animal altogether. There’s no pace to be found since most of the trails around me have hills, but, strangely, what I love is the smell. Around every corner there’s flowers and plants that offer the scent of the woods, especially here in Eugene where the winter rains keep everything fresh and green. The birds are fantastic. Spotting a Great Blue Heron feels sacred, hearing a blue jay doing his best red-tailed hawk imitation is just plain cool while the cacophony of tiny bird chirps is better than any song on my iPod.

The road and the trail are perfect partners in fitness too. The road gives you the miles when you’re in training for a marathon. The trail gives you extra strength and offers the ummph to burn some extra calories.

What I love most, though, is both bring you confidence in different ways. Running downtown, you can pretend everyone who drives by is getting inspired by your athleticism. Coming home from a trail run muddied and bleeding from a tumble or a blackberry bush says, “I’m a tough ass! Crabby customers, whining kids, raccoons in the trashcan? (You know, those bad things that come in threes) Bring it on!”

What do you like best about road or trail running?

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  1. Trail running is so peaceful…I love the sound of the dirt under each footstep and I love how it requires more focus for each step. I *also* love how its softer on the joints and feet. 😉

    Road running is what I do most though, and I love that I can zone out with it.

    I love them both for their own unique reasons. 😀

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