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• my first 50K is gonna be an S.O.B. (the Siskiyou Outback)

Yep, that’s what they call it, the SOB (Siskiyou Outback). The name is what drew me in. Ha! Actually, it feels like a spoonful of reality. It probably WILL be an SOB. 30 miles is not a short distance, so let’s not kid ourselves, eh? It starts at 6,500 ft and has a 4,200 foot overall elevation gain. It will be my first ultra and, actually, I’m really stoked about the training and about race day. Of course, I can say that now, it’s early. The race isn’t until July 10th.  As I get closer you will witness the “Freak Out” barometer go up. Symptoms include rambling about  silly details (like exactly how many potato chips I should eat at the aid station), lots of pre-race disclaimers and back-of-the-pack self-deprecation, and–my personal favorite– psychosomatic illness and injury just days before the race. Until then though, I’m pumped up and ready to share my journey! Here’s video blog number 1, unrehearsed and spontaneous. My daughter, May, caught me in the act, so I  threw her in. I just might have her do the rest of them, she’s much more charming than I am.

So, if you’ve done an ultra, gimme your best tip – I need lots!


2 thoughts on “• my first 50K is gonna be an S.O.B. (the Siskiyou Outback)

  1. Oh My God! What a great spokesperson you have there! I look forward to hearing more about your journey.

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