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• procrastination, the dishwasher and my achilles heel

Procrastination.  I’ve been putting off blogging, fixing my dishwasher and attending to my sore achilles heel. I have no excuse for putting off the blogging, but not dealing with my aching achilles heel and pumpless dishwasher have actually worked in my favor.

“Mom, can you get me some juice?”

“No, sorry, I’m icing my heel.”

“Mom, can you make me a sidewalk chalk race track for my bike?”

“No, sorry, I have my hands in soapy water.”

“Mom, can I have another underdog?”

“No, sorry, that bothers my heel.”

“Mom, can you get me a clean fork?”

“No, sorry, I haven’t washed the dishes yet today.”

Last week I called the dishwasher repair dude.  He came and waved his magic pliers and I paid him his $223.  Now I have no excuse for getting some ‘me’ time in the kitchen with the dishes. (Gee, that sounds pathetic when I type it out.)

Last week, I read SBS’s post on Run Like A Mother about how she’s finally dealing with her problematic achilles and I figured I’d better wake up and smell the injury. Now I will have no excuse for not playing jump rope. (Help me think of a new one, will ya, I hate jump rope.)

There’s more to it than this, however. Not taking care of these things is typical of how we moms/women put ourselves last. In my case, it’s right up there with getting the kids to the dentist, but not getting myself there. With organizing my kid’s clothes so they can easily reach everything, but keeping all my running stuff in a box. With using all the hot water for laundry and the kids’ baths and not having any for my own shower. I tend to go so long without scheduling, doing or fixing something that I forget it needs scheduling, doing or fixing.

So, three points for me for taking care of these things. Right now, I’m sitting on my bed NOT putting off blogging while my daughter builds a ‘castle’ out of  pillows and tries to get my attention by talking in a slightly English “queen” accent. The dishwasher is ever-so-quietly cleansing and rinsing as I type. And, I figure with the time I’m saving not doing dishes, I can schedule a massage for my heel. (This is something my mother would say. She’s great at making connections that seem silly, but make perfect sense.)

I will call him tomorrow for an appointment. No really. I swear.  I will.

Is there something you’ve been putting off? Don’t cha just wanna jump up and do it now?!

6 thoughts on “• procrastination, the dishwasher and my achilles heel

  1. we should start a double dutch group. My husband has all our kids (and me, but I’m not *required*) on a jumprope routine, and it’s always more fun to get it done together! 🙂

  2. Okay, here’s an excuse for not jumping rope: plantar fasciitis. I actually love to jump rope and decided to add it to my training routine, but every time I do it my PF goes ballistic. Ran a marathon yesterday. PF? No trouble. Jumped rope a couple of weeks ago for just one minute and I was hobbling for days.
    You can have my PF and I’ll jump your rope 🙂 j/k, wouldn’t wish it on anyone, the PF, not the rope jumping.

  3. Megan! Hi there! I loved to jump rope when I was 10, but ya know, I have boobs now. Not as fun 🙂 But keep talking, I could be persuaded on the double-dutch cuz that’s fun!

  4. Dang it on the PF!! I had it for over a year. Sucks! Wearing my running shoes 24/7 finally licked it. My daughter got a cute jump rope for her birthday last week. I’ll do a couple for you since you can’t 🙁 But hey, congrats on the marathon! Where?

  5. Great post, Laura – can so relate! Good for you that you tackled these things (well, 2 of the 3, but I just know that you will make that appt. I’ll hold you to it 😉 )btw, sorry to hear about your achilles – been there, done that with this injury and it’s painful and frustrating. I read SBS’ post last week, too, and was happy to hear she had such great results. Here’s hoping the same for you!

    As for what I’m waiting on? Hmmm, probably my closet, which I finally cleaned out over the weekend (exciting Saturday). What I’m now wondering is how long the massive pile of ‘to donate/attempt to sell/must file’ items will reside just outside the closet door?? I’ll try to get on that soon….

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