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• ridgeline ramble 20k trail run race report

What fun! Seriously, the 2012 Ridgeline Ramble was a hoot. There were many reasons for this day being one of the freaking best, so here they are! (Sorry, you know how I love lists.)

1. The weather was perfect (around 50, cool and cloudy with a promise of sun)

2. It started with awesome running peeps!

Carpooling with Ellen (right) was a fun treat and how can you see Piper’s awesome smile at the start and not have a fab day?!

3. Shuttle!

It smelled like sweat and we hadn’t even started running yet – love it!

4. I got to see old friends and they welcomed me with loving arms, smiles and stories of the past year!

I trained with Gary a few marathons ago. I felt like I was in high school bouncing on the school bus yapping away.


5. It was the first race I’ve done in over a year, so I was a bit wide-eyed and psyched up. (aka, got in the porta-potty line immediately!)

Danuta and I ramble-blabbing before the ramble run. (Sporty jacket, girlfriend)


6. It was a small, friendly, well-organized race (thanks to Eclectic Edge Racing!). Volunteers were great!

We are so lucky to have this trail in our own backyards! It’s nice to race at home.

7. And lucky # seven…. I felt READY to run, to race even. I placed 4th in my age group and I’m so happy about that. I felt strong and capable the entire way. This is a new feeling for me…to trust my training. I hadn’t toed-up to the line since recovering from my slew of foot problems, but I felt ready and oh so lucky to be running.

8. I trashed my quads! I know, this seems like an odd thing to be excited about. In my last podcast with Carolyn about her journey to the Western States 100 Endurance run, she talked about her current strategy of trashing her quads on the downhills. In other words, let your legs fly!

I leap-frogged with this gal, Liz, during the first half of the race and we finished really strong together. I noticed that she was a fast downhill runner, so I got inspired to trash away. It worked! The best part was that my quads weren’t really too bad off. I’ve been running lots of downhill lately, so they were surprisingly ready for me.

9. My buddies placed! Almost as much fun as running is cheering for your friends. Steph and Carley  (a new RMR Thursday group gal) both placed in their age group. Nice job, ladies!

Here’s Steph – who is one cool momma. We used to watch our now 8 YOs run around as toddlers, now they watch us run races!

10. We are so enjoying this new face and amazing woman share herself with us on our Thursday morning runs. And looky-here! She’s a winner!

She’s told us alot about herself in those wee hours, but she forget to tell us she’s fast!


My training plan calls for back-to-back runs now, so I ran again on Sunday, the day after the race. Of course, it was slow and short, but I was so excited to get out there….still high on Saturday’s fun!

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