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• the eugene women’s half marathon is hot on our tail!

Getting off LSD

logo_ewhI’m used to LSD, you know, Long Slow Distance. I’ve never been a super speedy runner and I think that’s why I latched on to ultra running.  But, after a long grueling race and the blisters heal, I LOVE short, fast runs. There is something that just clicks when I can  zone out, get a groove on and tick away miles on a long stretch of pavement. And the road is the best place to pick up the pace. Of course, we all know it’s twice as much fun with friends. So, when I found myself facing a summer without a race registration, I knew THIS was the time to do it;  the summer to get faster, mix it up and try for a half marathon PR. The race I picked…The Eugene Women’s Half! No sooner had a made this little secret goal for myself, than the lovely Tate Kelley from the EWH asked me  if she could follow my training.  Saweeet, I said. Let’s do this thing.

Goal number two: who can I rope into doing this with me cuz, you know, the more fun with friends thing. Enter my buddy, Red.


Red is awesome. And not because her real name is also Laura. Which, of course, is why we call her Red, to avoid confusion. Oh, and the HAIR! In a word, gorgeous. I love following her down a trail, her thick, red curls flying. I always feel like I’m in a movie running with her. My brain says I was to stop, but I know I can’t because the movie director  will yell and me and say, “Get your ass in gear! Red, the Hair Princess is ahead of you!”

Ok, back to the PR. I’m not quite ready to tell you my time goal yet. Or should I say OUR time goal because Red and I are in this together. But, I am willing to let you in our training, so here we go!

Speedwork, Day 1

I love post-speedwork yoga. It’s so relaxing. Plus, this position makes us look thinner.

It’s all about training specificity, which is a fancy way of saying, “if you want to run fast, you have to run fast.” Complicated, I know. Actually it is pretty complicated, especially for a distance runner who is used to pointing her feet in one direction and running for 5 hours. Speedwork is all about numbers and Xs and jog recoveries and laps and the watch and almost barfing. Almost.

Mimosas & My Amazing Uterus

When you set a new goal in your life, grab a friend. No, really, grab them. Then tell them they are coming with you.
When you set a new goal in your life, grab a friend. No, really, grab them. Then tell them they are coming with you.

Our first serious track workout wasn’t too bad, really. We survived to do it the next week. Know why? Because there’s Mimosas at the end of of this race, ladies! Hellooo! And loads of other fun stuff AND it’s an all-women’s event! The energy you feel running alongside hundreds of other women runners is like being in a room full of sweaty brilliance where everyone understands IT ALL. Like how crazy it is trying to get out of the house to run when you have a sick kid up all night, or juggling crazy work schedule and training or getting miles in on dark mornings before everyone else gets up then make it back home to pack lunches. Oh, and let’s not forget that not that long ago, women weren’t even allowed to run in a race of this distance. The miles tick by and the years tick by and still, no ones uterus has fallen out. Let’s continue to amaze them, shall we?

Join us in the fun and follow our journey. More soon….


Laura & Red


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