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• running the business

I just wanted to give y’all an update on what’s happening with the business end of Run Momma Run. It’s exciting and overwhelming and fun all at the same time!

CELEBRATION PRODUCTS – Here’s a few of our custom, hand-crafted items that will be available in March. Both of these are hand-finished metal, with polished steel accents, made in the US.

Runner Momma Medal Rack: Last week I got to see some prototypes of the medal rack, yeah, MEDAL rack, like to hang your fantastic swag on! It’s got our Runner Momma on it and it’s way cute. No worries if ya ain’t got medals (yet!), it’s great for towels, hats, running clothes, jackets, ear buds, Garmin, maybe a small, misbehaving child…  you get the idea.

Runner Momma Picture Frames: There’s also some sweet picture frames with Runner Momma to show off those race day photos. You know, the good ones they take at mile 6 and the other good ones after the finish, when you’ve scrubbed the salt off your face and have had some post-race nosh. Got some nice trail run photos to show off? Or how about the sweet faces of those kiddos cheering you on?

There’s a few more items we’re working on, but hey, we want to save something for a surprise.

RMR T-shirts

Thanks again to all who voted on the t-shirt color (when they are ready online, I’ll send your coupon!). “To-Bonk-for-Brown” won the toss. We’ve got a cotton, super soft shirt with a faux under layer, horizontal logo in orange and white up top with our Runner Momma and another runner silhouette on the side in orange outline. Super cute and comfy. Since this one will be in brown, our tech shirt coming out later will probably be in orange.


As you probably already know, we foster mom-running-communities because exercise, good nutrition, being outdoors and taking care of yourself helps to build strong lives and strong children. Setting the example in all of these areas is not just a great gift to your family, it’s critical to curbing the childhood obesity epidemic. (Yes, this was our mission before it became Michelle Obama’s, but hey, now we’re in great company). I’ve been in touch with Lane Coalition for Healthy Active Youth and am discussing ways to team up and offer them support with their initiatives. They have invited me to be on the planning committee for their 5K family run later in the fall and I’m so excited to be involved!


Yeah, when are we gonna run together? I love running with my girlfriends for oh-so-many reasons and more is better… more girls, more runs, more fun. Hope to have that rolling later in the spring. I have lots of different ideas about that, but I would love to hear yours.


We’re applying to have a booth at the expo for Eugene in May! I won’t be running the marathon this year (did it in 2007, 2009), but I’ll be womanning the Run Momma Run booth offering lots of celebration goodies for all you running mommas.


It’s designed, but not built yet. Geez, uh, I’ve owned a website development company for 10 years, you’d think I’d have that frickin done by now! Facebook and Twitter have been an easy way to get the chatter going, but I’ll get cookin on that, I swear.


I really appreciate your support! The positive responses about the business have been so heart-warming and the connections I’ve made so far have confirmed just how much I want to make all the pieces of RMR come together (and there’s more I haven’t told you about yet). I welcome your thoughts and ideas. I’ll keep you posted.. happy running!


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